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Use your Android tablet or phone to stream videos & music from your favorites websites to your big screen TV - wirelessly. Works like Chromecast
PlayTo now brings Ad Blocking - this feature now removes Ads & Malware links from web pages giving you a cleaner online experience.
* Supports Chromecast, Samsung, Sony, Google TV, Roku, Now TV, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, DLNA & UPnP devices *
Roku & Now TV users - please install PlayTo channel from the Roku or Sky channel store.
Fire TV & Fire TV Stick Users - please install our free receiver app found in the Entertainment section, using your Fire TV remote or by visiting
If you're having any trouble or device detection issues, questions, feature or channel requests PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE RATING, so we can help you out and improve the App - your feedback really does help. We cannot respond to comments here.
Website: http://www.playto.tv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/playtotv?ref=hl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/playtotv with #playtotv
PlayTo for Android provides an ever growing and up to date list of online videos, TV shows, movies and radio - once you find what you like, it lets you stream them to your big screen TV, with Airplay like functionality. All you need is an internet enabled TV or a media player - no additional cables, adapters or hardware required. Also bookmark videos from 100+ video sites and play them as a playlist on your TV.
Our built in media browser has customized support for various websites and plays all videos full screen and in HD (when available).
- Play your favorite videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Blip on your big screen TV.
- Create your own video playlists with videos from Vevo, Muzu, VH1, MTV, etc.
- Listen to music all day on your audio receiver or wireless speakers using own built-in integration for Amazon Cloud Player
- Catch up to on demand TV shows with our integration for Bravo, Koldcast, Disney, TCM, TMZ, History, TBS, Syfy, Univision, NBC, etc.
- Experience social media from Pinterest, Socialcam, Viddy on your smart TV.
- Enjoy free Bollywood dramas and shows from Einthusan, Yupp TV
- Our south Asian audience can enjoy their favorite videos from LeTV, Youku, 56.com, Pandora TV, Yupp TV, India Today, TOI, IBN, etc.
- We have expanded our European channel support with sites like Sky News, Rutube, The Guardian, DW, NRK, SVT, ZDF, etc.
- Sport aficionados can catch up to the latest events with our integration to sites like NFL, ESPN, Sky Sports
- Tech enthusiasts can check the latest videos on gadgets from sites like Engadget, Revision3, Wired, CNet on their favorite gadgets
- Also catch up to the latest events with our support for many News channels like NBC, CNN, Reuters, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Fox & ABC
If you have a big collection of personal media, movies, pictures or music - PlayTo also seamlessly discovers computers or other network devices supporting UPnP, DLNA containing your personal videos, photos and music and play them on your tablet/smartphone or stream them to your TV - supports media servers like TVersity, Plex Media Server, Serviio, XBMC, Twonky, WMP, PS3 Media Server, Iomega, etc.
1. Your TV/Media Player/BluRay player needs to be DLNA enabled and needs to be on the same Wifi network as your phone/tablet for PlayTo to discover and stream
2. To access Phone/Tablet media, makes sure your it is not plugged into to the computer as Android will prevent PlayTo from accessing the media.
3. Flash streaming is NOT supported as most media player and TV's do not support Flash
Note: This free version has restrictions on number of channels playable and a 10 min duration limit - please upgrade to full version for unrestricted access.
使用Android平板电脑或手机流从您的收藏夹网站视频和音乐到你的大屏幕电视 - 无线。工作Chromecast等
PlayTo现在使广告拦截 - 这个功能,现在还删除的广告与恶意软件链接的网页给你一个更清洁的在线体验。
Roku公司与现在的电视用户 - 请从Roku公司或空中通道店安装PlayTo通道。
消防电视和消防电视棒用户 - 请安装在娱乐部分找到我们的免费应用程序接收器,使用你的火焰电视遥控器或访问
如果您有任何问题或设备检测问题,问题,功能或通道要求,请联络我们面前评级,因此,我们可以帮你完善的应用程序 - 您的反馈意见确实帮助。我们无法回应评论在这里。
PlayTo为Android提供了一个不断增长的和最多的在线视频,电视节目,电影和广播日期列表 - 一旦你找到你喜欢的东西,它可以让你流他们到你的大屏幕电视,带的Airplay一样的功能。所有你需要的是一个互联网功能的电视或媒体播放器 - 无需额外电缆,适配器或硬件。来自100多个视频网站也书签视频并播放它们作为你的电视上播放列表。
- 发挥你的大屏幕电视上从Youtube,Vimeo的,土豆网,昙花一现您最喜爱的影片。
- 从VEVO,沐足,VH1,MTV等视频创建自己的视频播放列表
- 听音乐,整天在你的音频接收器或无线音箱使用自己的内置集成亚马逊云播放器
- 赶上点播电视节目与我们的集成布拉沃,Koldcast,迪斯尼,TCM,TMZ,历史,TBS,Syfy,悠景,NBC等。
- 来自Pinterest的,Socialcam,Viddy体验社交媒体的智能电视上。
- 享受从Einthusan,Yupp电视免费宝莱坞电视剧和节目
- 我们的南亚观众可以欣赏到乐视网,优酷网,56.com,潘多拉电视,Yupp电视,今天的印度,TOI,IBN等自己喜爱的影片
- 我们扩大了我们与像天空新闻,Rutube,监护人,DW,手拉,SVT,ZDF等方面的网站欧洲渠道支持
- 体育爱好者可以赶上与我们的整合最新的事件,像NFL,ESPN,天空体育网站
- 技术爱好者可以从瘾科技一样,Revision3的,有线,CNET网站检查小工具的最新视频上自己喜欢的小玩意
- 也赶上与我们的支持最新的事件对于很多新闻渠道,如NBC,CNN,路透社,纽约时报,华尔街日报,BBC,福克斯和ABC
如果你有个人媒体,电影,图片或音乐的大集合 - PlayTo还无缝发现支持的UPnP,计算机或其他网络设备包含你的个人视频,照片和音乐DLNA和发挥他们在平板电脑/智能手机或串流到您的电视 - 支持媒体服务器一样TVersity,Plex的媒体服务器,Serviio,XBMC,利用Twonky,WMP,PS3媒体服务器,艾美加,等等。
1.您的TV /媒体播放器/蓝光播放器需要启用DLNA和需要是相同WiFi网络上你的手机/平板电脑的PlayTo发现并流上
3. Flash流不支持大多数媒体播放器和电视不支持Flash
注意:此免费版本对渠道可玩的号码和一个10分钟的时间跌停限制 - 请升级到完整版不受限制的访问。

PlayTo Sony TV 更新内容

Settings Screen + AdBlocking improvements
PlayTo now brings Ad Blocking - this feature now removes Ads & Malware links from web pages giving you a cleaner online experience.
A bunch of fixes
Support for FF & Rewind for select devices
Fixed issues with Photos not being streamed to Apple TV devices
Support for streaming from other apps like Showbox or HD Cinema
Support for deleting downloaded apps.

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Android 4.0 以上
Google Play

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