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Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV Metro TV

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Get the latest news updates from MetroTVNews.com, - the first 24-hours News TV Channel in Indonesia.We bring you the latest news/events taking place in Indonesia and around the globe.The news including video clips brought to you in a format designed for Android Devices.Version 2.0:- New sleek and simple UI Design for Phone and TabletWeve redesign the apps to maximize your experience on reading news. For example: now you can go to other category news by sliding on news detail, or keep on reading on that category by using next or previous button.- Push Notification (Activate button included on Settings)To keep you stay updated, weve added push notification to the apps so itll notify you for any headline update. You can deactivate this function on Settings (from android Menu).- Search NewsYou can search recent news by using keyword directly from the Apps.- Bookmark page and add/remove to Bookmark ButtonWhenever you found interesting news, you can save it to your device and read it later by using add to bookmark button on News Detail. If you want to remove it, then you can tap the remove bookmark or clear cache from the Settings.- Upload News to Wideshot (MetroTVs Citizen Journalism show)You can upload any event youve found to Wideshot. If youre lucky, MetroTV will publish it on its Citizen Journalism TV Show (Wideshot)- Zoom in and Zoom out Text in News DetailNow you can zoom in or zoom out text in news detail, so youll be more comfortable when reading the news- Shake to Contact SupportGive us a shout, complain, error, bug report, or any suggestion about the apps by just shaking the phone.Version 1+:- Live TV StreamingNow you can watch MetroTV Live TV streaming directly from your device- VoD StreamingIf youve missed MetroTV show from your TV, then you can watch it anytime you want from this apps- Share News to Social MediaYou can share any news youve found interesting to Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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