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*Ride Limited Free Version*
Velodroid is the simplest and most accurate GPS Bike Computer App on the market.
Designed with the specific needs of cyclists in mind, Velodroid presents your ride information on clear and uncluttered screens. It can even provide in-ride statistics using a speech capability!
The Elevation Profiles shown for the Tour de France are pretty neat, right? Well now you can access the same data as the professional cyclists. Velodroid makes it possible, providing Elevation Profiles using the most accurate altitude data available. Velodroid is generally correct to within 1m, while a normal phone GPS can only promise accuracy to the nearest 30m. However, if you are concerned about conserving battery, Velodroid has a nifty power saving mode which will use the GPS data during the ride, and allow you to update to the more accurate data when you return.
Velodroid maps your ride over familiar Google Maps satellite imagery (hybrid satellite/map images) in real-time, allowing you to quickly determine your location and check your progress. The intuitive panning and zooming tools allow you to navigate during your ride and keep yourself on track.
Whether you are training for an event, or just cycling to keep fit, Velodroid has some great tools to lend a hand. The intervals timer allows you to set up a training regime, and Velodroid is the only app that lets you see your improving fitness over time with its innovative fitness chart.
Velodroid takes care of all the basic bicycle computer functions in style, providing you a large easy-to-read speedometer, and a broad set of route and personal best statistics in your choice of Metric or Imperial units. All of the important route statistics are covered, including:
- Current Speed
- Trip Time
- Route Distance
- Average Speed
- Maximum Speed
- Current Elevation
- Maximum Elevation
- Elevation Gain
- Current Gradient
- Maximum Gradient
Sharing is well catered for, Velodroid can share your ride to any app that supports sharing, even letting you use an app like TweetDeck to handle both Facebook and Twitter posts at once. With Velodroid, your ride data is yours, it allows you to export and email your rides in a variety of formats including GPX, KML (for Google Earth), TCX and CSV. It also has integrated functionality for directly uploading your ride to a RideWithGPS.com account where you can access a treasure trove of post-ride analysis tools.
Take Velodroid for a ride today!
*Velodroid Free is limited to 20 rides. To get unlimited rides and to support Velodroid in being the best cycling GPS tracking app available, please upgrade to the paid version.
We're keen to hear your feedback, issues or requests at support@velodroid.com / http://twitter.com/#!/velodroid / http://www.velodroid.com
所示为环法自行车赛的高程资料的整齐漂亮,对不对?现在好了,你可以访问相同的数据为一体的专业自行车手。 Velodroid能够利用现有最精确的海拔高度数据提供高度资料。 Velodroid一般是正确的,以1m以内,而普通手机的GPS只能答应精确到最近的30米。但是,如果您担心节约电池,Velodroid有一个漂亮的省电模式,将乘坐过程中使用的GPS数据,并允许您更新到更准确的数据,当您返回。
  - 当前速度
  - 旅行时间
  - 路线距离
  - 平均速度
  - 最大速度
  - 当前标高
  - 最高海拔
  - 海拔增益
  - 电流梯度
  - 最大坡度
* Velodroid自由被限制在20游乐设施。为了得到无限次乘坐,并支持Velodroid中是最好的自行​​车GPS跟踪应用程序可用,请升级到付费版本。
我们渴望听到你的反馈意见,问题或要求在support@velodroid.com / http://twitter.com/#!/velodroid / http://www.velodroid.com

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Recent additions:
- Choose your preferred language
- Now available in Japanese
- Cumulative Statisitics Improvements

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2.8.0 Free
Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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