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Longitude Latitude Convertor

Longitude Latitude Convertor

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Longitude Latitude Convertor Longitude Latitude Convertor Longitude Latitude Convertor Longitude Latitude Convertor Longitude Latitude Convertor

Longitude Latitude Convertor 描述

Convert Longitude / Latitude from/to Degree, Decimal, Address, Maps, Street View
Longitude Latitude Convertor converts :
- Converts Degree to Decimal , Degree to Address,
- Converts Decimal to Degree, Decimal to Adress,
- Converts Address to Decimal, Address to Degree.
- Street Views Available. Shows the street, Buildings so that you never loose your way and feel the location always familiar to you.
- Shows Map for the longitude and latitude provided in Degree or Decimal.
- Has Magnetic Neddle lines on the Map.
- Share your location with any of your friends by Email / SMS.
- Get Current location of your coordinates and mail it to anyone.
- Don't know the address/ coordinates of the location you are standing ? Want to share your current location of yours so that your friend can pick you up ? This utility can help you to share the current location with your friends.
- This utility pulls the coordinates based either through network or through GPS.
- Shares if the coordinates are received from Network or GPS.
- Where am I ?
Please note :
- If the signals of GPS and network are weak. you might not get the latest coordinates or might not be accurate.
- You might not always be able to convert your latitude and longtude to an address as every coordinate might not be tied up to an address.
- This application is having low maturity and we are gradually improvising with your feedback.
Keywords : Maps , Convert Maps, Where am I, Share my Location, Street View, Street pictures. Magentic Needle with map, Longitude , latitiude, Decimal, Degree, Address, Find a addrees, Find Coordinates for an address.

Longitude Latitude Convertor 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:Version 1.1.3 :

Added Street View to the Application.

Fixed one of the rare occuring bug.

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Longitude Latitude Convertor 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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