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NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway)

NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway)

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NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway)

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Tweet questions, compliments, complaints and support requests @nycmate
The wait is over!! We have been hard at work here at Densebrain and we are so excited to release our newest update to NYCMate. Below are all the updates and new features we've added for version 4.0:
• New Official Maps with Timetables: Metro North, Long Island Rail Road, and New Jersey Transit
• the Official PATH train map
• Service Alert and Push Notifications: Receive alerts for the specific train lines you need to know about
• Customizable Toolbar: Put your most important maps right in front of you.
NYCMate is the ultimate companion for commuters, tourists, and city dwellers on the go. It has everything you need to get in, out, or around the city. You can access all NYC major subway, bus and commuter transit system maps and timetables offline and underground, when you need it most. Let NYCMate be your guide to the ever confusing New York City transit system.
Be sure to download maps before you go underground or out of a service area! We are releasing new cities soon, including Boston and Chicago
NYCMate includes the crowd sourcing system NextTrain, which provides realtime train arrival information on all NYC subway lines. NextTrain is an innovative technical product and proud to be a NYC homegrown technical solution. NextTrain uses anonymous and passive reporting, so their is nothing for you the user to do. Just enjoy finally knowing when the train will arrive. But only if enough people enable NextTrain, so visit the information button in the app and enable today.

NYCMate (NYC Bus & Subway) 更新内容

* Stabilized a null pointer exception
* People have been complaining about the RECORD_AUDIO permission (which we use to track buses)....that's removed
* Next train is now producing better data in app
* Tutorial has been removed since people were complaining
* Mass download and several other updates are coming

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