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DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus)下载

DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus)

DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus)

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DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) 截图

DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus)

DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) 描述

The Best DC Transit Companion (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus)
DCMate is the ultimate companion for commuters, tourists, and city dwellers on the go. It has everything you need to get in, out, or around the city. You can access all major DC mass transit system maps and timetables offline and underground, when you need it most. Let DCMate be your guide to navigating the Nation's Capital.
Features include:
• Official Maps: Metrorail, Metrobus for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, MARC Train, VRE Train
• Timetables: Get the most up to date and current schedules for trains and subway, including weekend schedules.
• Customizable Toolbar: Put the most important maps for you at the touch of your fingers with the customizable tab bar.
Be sure to download maps before you go underground or out of a service area! We are releasing new cities soon, check back to see if your city will be available!

DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) 更新内容


Menu button and back button properly enabled

Map is faster and more stable

Service alert updates coming!

More time tables

Customizable Tab Bar

Coming Soon:

Service Alerts / Push Notifications



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DCMate (Metro, VRE, Marc, Bus) 信息

手机美化 壁纸
Android 1.5.0 以上

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