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Desjardins mobile services

Desjardins mobile services

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Desjardins mobile services Desjardins mobile services Desjardins mobile services Desjardins mobile services Desjardins mobile services

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**************************************We thank you for your comments. You can rest assured that we read all of them attentively. Unfortunately, we cannot follow up with you through the Google Play. If you want to get a reply from us, please write to us at info@desjardins.com. Your satisfaction is very important to us and it is an integral part of the development of our mobile services.**************************************With Desjardins mobile services, you can make transactions and view financial information from anywhere. It’s fast, easy, secure and free.Use AccèsD mobile to:• access your Desjardins accounts to view your balance and latest transactions• pay and manage bills• manage pending transactions• keep track of your income and expenses with the My budget tool• transfer money between accounts, to another Desjardins member or a VISA Desjardins cardholder• transfer money to a recipient in another financial institution by using the Interac e-Transfer™You can also use Desjardins mobile services to:• find caisses, Desjardins Business Centres and ATMs• monitor the stock market and make trades using the Disnat mobile site• get a car or tenant insurance quote• calculate currency conversions• view rates• make payments on your Accord D financing plan and pay off your line of credit• add a recipient with the money transfer feature• use the following transfer features: inter-institutional, inter-currency and to a Desjardins Securities account• use the mobile Travel Assistance ServiceN.B.: The features available on Personal or Business mobile services may vary.™ : Interac and Interac e-Transfer are trademarks of Interac Inc.

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