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DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版

DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版

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DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 截图

DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版

DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 描述

DroidCam turns your Android device into a wireless webcam letting you chat on Skype, Google+, and with other programs like OBS & XSplit for your live streams to Twitch / Youtube.
You can also use DroidCam as an IP webcam, or Surveillance Camera, via a Internet browser virtually on all networks. Use it as a simple pet cam, spy cam, or a security camera.
- Chat using "DroidCam Webcam" on your computer, including Sound and Picture.
- Completely free with no usage limits or watermarks!
- Connect over WiFi or USB* cable.
- Use other apps with DroidCam in the background.
- Surveillance/IP web camera MJPEG access (access camera via a browser or from another phone/tablet/etc).
- Simple and efficient: Designed to save battery and space as much as possible.
The app works with a PC Client component that installs the webcam drivers, and connects the computer with the Android device. Windows or Linux clients are available, simply visit www.dev47apps.com on your computer to download, install, and get more info on usage.
If you like the app, consider getting the Pro version, DroidCamX, which has:
- No ads.
- High-res video support (up to 720p in HD Mode).
- Experimental 'FPS Boost' option for up to 2x the framerates.
- Pro features on the Windows client including video mirror, rotate, contrast, sharpness and more controls.
"A bargain compared to actual webcams sold in store!"
"Perfect! Amazing program no lags no problem the best it could be! Long time since I've seen app working so well!!!"
* USB connection may require additional setup.
* "Draw over other apps" permission needed to make camera work on more devices and in more conditions
DroidCam让您的Andr​​oid设备变成一个无线摄像头,让你在Skype,Google +和像OBS与XSplit其他程序为您直播流抽搐/的Youtube聊天。
- 聊天使用您的计算机上“DroidCam摄像头”,包括声音和图片。
- 完全免费,无使用限制或水印!
- 连接通过WiFi或USB *电缆。
- 在后台使用其他应用程序与DroidCam。
- 监控/ IP网络摄像头MJPEG连接(通过浏览器或从其他手机/平板电脑/等接入摄像头)。
- 简单而有效:旨在尽可能的节省电池和空间。
该应用程序的工作原理与安装摄像头驱动程序在PC客户端组件,以及电脑与Android设备进行连接。 Windows或Linux客户端可用,只需访问www.dev47apps.com您的计算机上下载,安装,并获得使用情况的详细信息。
- 没有广告。
- 高清晰度视频支持(最多在高清模式下的720p)。
- 实验“FPS加速”选项多达2倍的帧率。
- Windows客户端包括视频镜像,旋转,对比度,清晰度和更多的控制上Pro的功能。
* USB连接,可能需要额外的设置。

DroidCam BETA 2.0汉化版 更新内容

Version 6.4.4
- Few internal tweaks & Translation updates.
Please report any issues at www.dev47apps.com.
If you like the app, please rate and share!
Would you like to help translate the app? Check out translate.dev47apps.com and get in touch.

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摄影图像 相机 图像编辑
Android 4.0.3 以上


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