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PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann

PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann

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PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann

PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann 描述

** Written for the revised PMBOK 5th exam version per 31 July 2013 **
Oliver F. Lehmann's PMP® Exam prep app coaches you for the PMP® (Project Management Professional) examination, offered by PMI®. The PMP® credential is the most important and most widely accepted project management certification with a fast growing number of credential holders (over 530,000 by 30 April 2013).
The test is hard to pass and candidates should be perfectly prepared for it.
The set of questions, answers, and explanations has been selected and prepared by Oliver F. Lehmann, PMP, a reference in the project management domain; professional trainer since 1995 and President of the PMI® Munich Chapter in Germany. He has successfully conducted trainings for companies such as Oracle, Siemens, IBM, Hewlett Packard, SAP and many others.
This app will test your preparation level. The free version offers 30 complex questions in an exam-like simulation
based on the PMBOK® Guide NEW 5th Edition. After completing the exam simulation, detailed feedback and pass mark are given.
Alternatively, in tutorial mode the application will provide you with comprehensive explanations of the correct answers and references after each question.
This app will give you:
- 30 realistic examination questions
- an important benchmark for your exam-readiness
- explanations for each question
- a tutorial mode allowing you to steadily increase your knowledge
You can also install the full version to have access to more then 550 questions.
This exam simulator will certainly help you improve your preparation level and identify gaps in every knowledge area and process group. It has been written for the revised exam version per 31 July 2013.
PMI, PMP and PMBOK® Guide are marks of PMI, the Project Management Institute, that are registered in the USA and in other countries.
**写的修订PMBOK第五考试版2013年7月每31 **
奥利弗·F.莱曼的PMP®考试准备的应用程序的教练为PMP®(项目管理专业人士)考试,PMI®提供。 PMP®认证是最重要和最广泛接受的项目管理认证证书持有者的数量快速增长(超过530,000名2013年4月30日)。
- 30个逼真的试题
- 您的考试准备的一个重要基准
- 对每个问题的解释
- 一个教程模式,让您稳步增加你的知识

PMP Exam Free - Oliver Lehmann 更新内容

** Updated version v1.3 as of 24/06/2015 **
- Minor bugfixes
** Updated version v1.2 as of 31/07/2013 **
- Revised exam question set for PMBOK NEW 5th edition
- Minor bugfixes
** Updated version v1.1 as of 14/06/2012 **
Minor bugfixes: prevents application crash in
certains situations when the app is passed to
background during the exam.

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