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Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free)

Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free)

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Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free)

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Diwali Deeya/Diya (Free) allows you to interact with a Diwali Deeya/Diya/Deya on your phone. You can tap on the screen to light the deeya. Using the Options Bar you can change the background image, change the song or change the type of deeya and much more. _____________________________OUR SPONSOR - RADIO JAAGRITI_____________________________Radio Jaagriti 102.7FM was formed by the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha to address the needs of the Hindu Community in the media. The station will carry live broadcast of Ramayans that are conducted almost nightly in Trinidad and Tobago, various Hindu religious observances, morning devotional programs, Astrological readings, Teaching of Hindi, Youth Forums, Vegetarian Cooking, Yoga, Ayurveda Medicine, Current Issues Discussions, Women's Issues, Film, Music Romantic and Religious. The Trinidad and Tobago culture that are ignored by the current national media and given token attention by the Indian formatted media houses. ★ http://www.jaagriti.com/ _____________________________OUR SPONSOR - ACE PRINTERY_____________________________ACE Printery Fed-Traders limited is a full service printing facility providing a complete range of print-ware from pre-printed greeting cards to commercial printing solutions. ★ http://aceprintery.com/ _____________________________OUR SPONSOR - CHARRON'S BOOKSTORE_____________________________Charran's Book Store is one of the leading book stores in Trinidad and Tobago with branches nationwide. They are the reader's choice for value and selection, selling school books, magazines, paper backs, school uniforms, shoes, stationery, book binding and printed T-Shirts. ★ charransbookstore@gmail.com _____________________________HIGHLIGHTS_____________________________The following features are included in this version of Diwali Deeya (Free):★ This application contains advertising. The Paid version does not;★ Tap the screen to light the deeya (diya);★ Select from five (5) different background images;★ Select from three (3) traditional Diwali songs to play as a background track (Song Titles: Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Hey Maha Lakshmi Maa, Jai Jai Lakshmi Maata);★ Select from five (5) different styles of deeya (diya);★ Find out about the history of Diwali;★ The Options Bar which allows you to customize the application;★ When you exit the application, your preferences are stored on the phone. The next time you start the application it will remember which background you preferred as well as your favorite song and deeya (diya);★ Supported on tablet devices including the Kindle Fire.____________________________COMING SOON_____________________________When you download Diwali Deeya (Free) you are entitled to free product updates and we are pleased to announce that in the next major release for Diwali Deeya (Free) we will be including the following features:★ A larger collection of background images;★ A larger collection of deeyas (diyas);★ A larger collection of songs;★ The ability to blowout the flame;★ Shake the phone to extinguish/light the flame;★ Multiple deeyas on the screen at the same time. _____________________________ABOUT DIGITAL BUSINESS LTD_____________________________Digital Business is a leading Caribbean management and technology consulting company committed to helping companies create knowledge and deliver innovation. Our team of experienced consultants offers breakthrough e-business, knowledge management and consulting services solutions that allows governments, leading organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises to create, share and apply knowledge that helps them to deliver innovation and transform their business. In a commitment to create, share and apply knowledge with innovation intrinsic to the core of their business, digital business has used ingenious thinking and collaborative team work to build their very own mobile applications. Now users can enjoy more ground-breaking inventions through our mobile apps.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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