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Digital Pan (Steelpan)

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Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan) Digital Pan (Steelpan)

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The Digital Pan Free version is supported by Ads.
The Digital Pan Mobile App is the only steelpan app that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for the steelpan - Pan Trinbago.
Tha app allows users to practice and develop their skills for not just one specific pan, but the entire range of the steelpan family. This includes: Tenor High C, Tenor Low C, Double Tenor, Double Seconds, Double Guitar, Triple Cello, Four Cello, Tenor Bass, Six Bass and a Children's steelpan.
The app offers the opportunity to experience the diverse richness of the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and the only percussive instrument created in the 20th century. In addition to which, it acts as a teaching aid by increasing the capabilities of users which adds to the potential of obtaining different opportunities.
The Digital Pan App features:
Lock: This icon allows users to freely play the pan while all other icons are locked as to prevent accidently touching another icon.
Full Steelpan Range: Access to the entire range of the Steelpan family, including the Tenor High C, Tenor Low C, Double Tenor, Double Seconds, Double Guitar, Triple Cello, Four Cello, Tenor Bass, Six Bass and a Junior Steelpan.
Piano: In addition to the range of the steelpan family, there is a piano which has the notes accessible to broaden the learning experience.
High Quality Sound: All Steelpan notes were recorded directly off the GILLPANS Masters Series and digitally mastered.
Recordings: Users can record and replay pieces that they created. Also, users can select all the previous recordings and play them all at once or one by one.
Tutorial: There are videos available for users to view which demonstrates the app in use.
Teaching Aid: The notes on the Steelpan and the piano can be toggled on/off to act as a teaching aid.
Multitouch: Traditionally, steelpan players use 2 or 4 sticks when playing the various pans. However, the advantage of the app is now you have 10 fingers that can be easily used to play the steelpans.
Rotation & placement: All pans on the app can be rotated and moved to suit to the users’ preference.
Color: The app allows users to change the color of the junior pan only to the variety of fun colors available.
Help Screen: Screenshots with explanation a breakdown of all the functions the app possesses.
Main menu: Layout of / link to history, description of each pan, about DB and availability to share the app via social media.
Mobile Platform: Supports all major smart phones and tablet devices including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7.
The Digital Pan App is the first of its kind and is entirely "Made in Trinidad and Tobago". Some noteworthy achievements so far have been:
* Winner of Service Exporter of the year 2012 from the TTCSI
* The only steelpan app that has been officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for steelpan - Pan Trinbago
* Digital Pan was used to play the National Anthem of Trinidad and Tobago at the opening of ALL Panorama 2013 events
* Featured in Machel Montano video "Gold" launched in November 2012
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数字泛移动应用程序是唯一的钢盘的应用程序,是由世界管理机构正式并专门赞同钢盘 - 泛Trinbago。
移动平台:支持所有主要的智能手机和平板设备包括iOS,Android和Windows Phone 7的。
数字泛应用的先河,并且完全的“Made in特立尼达和多巴哥”。一些令人瞩目的成就,到目前为止已经:
*唯一的钢盘的应用程序,已被世界管理机构的钢盘正式和完全赞同 - 泛Trinbago

Digital Pan (Steelpan) 更新内容

* Fixed issue where incorrect labels were assigned to notes
* Added the ability to save rotated steelpan
* General enhancements and bug fixes

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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