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Dijit Universal Remote

Dijit Universal Remote

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Dijit Universal Remote Dijit Universal Remote Dijit Universal Remote Dijit Universal Remote Dijit Universal Remote Dijit Universal Remote

Dijit Universal Remote 描述

The Dijit Universal Remote app turns your Android phone or tablet into a personalized remote control with TV channel listings and show guide.
NOTE 1: Remote control features only work on compatible Android devices (including DROID XYBOARD and Motorola Xoom 2) or when paired with the Griffin Beacon for Android (It is not compatible with the Griffin Beacon for iOS), or over WiFi with Roku Media Players.
NOTE 2: TV Channel Listings only available in the US and Canada.
With Dijit's remote control features, you can finally clean up your coffee table and put your extra remotes away in a drawer somewhere. Now your phone (or tablet) is your remote. At last your whole family (and even guests) will be able to figure out how to control all the different devices and inputs you have in the living room!
Dijit gives you a perfectly customizable remote control interface, where you decide exactly which buttons appear when you want them to. No more squinting at 73 identically shaped buttons on your remote, just the ones you want and need. Using Dijit is incredibly simple. Add each device you want to control with just a few taps using our included device library.
In addition to the remote control, the Dijit Guide delivers a customized electronic program guide (EPG) for your personal TV channel lineup. Simply identify your cable/satellite provider, and Dijit will find all your listings. From there you can quickly prune your guide to just show the channels and shows you like to watch, and hide all the rest.

• Built-in device code (over 200,000 TVs, DVD players, Blu-Rays, DVRs, Set-Tops, and more) library for instant programming
• Integrated learning feature for advanced or custom controls
• Fully customizable button layout
• Support for multiple systems in different rooms or homes
• WiFi support for Roku owners to control their Roku Media Players with their Android devices.
• Program guide that works with every channel provider in the US and Canada
For more information about the Griffin Beacon: http://www.griffintechnology.com/beacon.
注1:远程控制功能只能在兼容的Andr​​oid设备(,包括DROID XYBOARD和摩托罗拉XOOM 2),或在与格里芬灯塔为Android(这是不是兼容的iOS格里芬灯塔),或透过WiFi与Roku公司的媒体播放器配对。

Dijit Universal Remote 更新内容

- NEW: Now fixed for Samsung Galaxy phones & tablets (with IR Transmitter) for KitKat 4.4.3 (and above) as well as Lollipop. Older versions are also still supported.
- NEW: Automatically discovers and controls DirecTV receivers connected to your WiFi network. Instructions to connect your DirecTV: https://support.directv.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4076

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Android 2.3.3 以上

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