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DioVoice Online

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DioVoice Online DioVoice Online DioVoice Online DioVoice Online

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DioVoice Online
★★★ Introducing DioVoice Online, a speech recognition translation App for travelers! ★★★
Are you planning a trip abroad? Do you feel unsure of yourself when speaking a foreign language?
Now with DioVoice Online All-in-one, you can communicate with people who use foreign language at anytime, anywhere.
It’s DioVoice Online! Always with you!
◈ DioVoice Online is a translation App specialized for travelers and features voice recognition and TTS services in English, Korean and Japanese.
** Recommended Model: Android 800*480(WVGA) Model
** Special features of DioVoice Online **
▶ Translator with Voice Recognition Features
-It is easy and convenient.
: Simply speak a sentence while pressing the MIC button and it will give you the translation.
: You can also type a sentence using your keyboard, and it will give you the translation.
(Korean<->English, Korean<->Japanese)
▶ Text to Speech service in each language
-The TTS service is available for translations in each language (English, Korean & Japanese)
▶ Available online
-For best use of service, please be sure to connect to a 3G, 4G, or a Wi-Fi network.
▶ Additional Features: Favorites and History
: You can add and manage the phrases you frequently use (up to 200).
: Your recent translations will show at the bottom of the screen (up to 50).
▶ Intuitive User Interface
-The intuitive interface service allows easy access and use of the service.
-A preferred UI language is available in the user’s desired language. (English, Korean, Japanese)
[Basic Information]
Recommended Model: Android 800*480(WVGA) Model
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Android 2.2.x 以上

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