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Sunday Ticket for Tablets

Sunday Ticket for Tablets

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Sunday Ticket for Tablets Sunday Ticket for Tablets Sunday Ticket for Tablets Sunday Ticket for Tablets

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Watch Live streams of every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game & Red Zone Channel
***Android Phone app also available as a separate download. ***
NFL MAX customers are welcomed to enjoy up to 7 pre-season games on Thursday August 30th to help exercise our mobile systems.
Catch every game, no matter where you are.
Whether you're a Cowboys fan living in Colorado, a displaced Steelers fan in Syracuse or a member of the Raider Nation in Raleigh, NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ MAX lets you follow your favorite team no matter where you live. With your DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ MAX subscription, you can use your NFL SUNDAY TICKET app to watch every game every Sunday no matter where you are — on your phone or tablet. You'll never miss a game, even when you're nowhere near a TV!
Application features include:
Live Streaming Video: Enjoy every NFL SUNDAY TICKET™ game, plus the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.
Highlights: Relive the big moments. See all the significant plays from every game, either individually or consecutively.
Scores, Status, and Schedule: See scores and game status for the current week's completed and in-progress games. Check the schedule for the upcoming games.
Instant Stats: An indispensable feature for fantasy footballers. Track your favorite players' performance with a touch. Get game and player stats instantly for each game.
NOTE: SUNDAY TICKET™ is available for customers only in U.S. territories. A DIRECTV.com account and SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscription is required to watch live video. Blackout rules and conditions apply as stipulated by the NFL. Streaming is available for Sunday Ticket games only. Sunday night, Monday, Thursday and Saturday games are not part of Sunday Ticket and therefore not eligible for streaming. Highlights are available until 8:15 pm ET each Sunday.
Use of the DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET® app by DIRECTV customers is subject to DIRECTV’s Customer Agreement and Privacy Policy (available on the DIRECTV Website).

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Added support for Lollipop
***NEW FOR 2014!
Catch live fantasy football coverage every Sunday afternoon on this all-new channel. You'll get game-to-game fantasy analysis, in-depth stats powered by NFL.com Fantasy, and multiple on-screen tickers showcasing real-time stats, highlights, projections, and key player updates.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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