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Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free

Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free

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Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free 截图

Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free

Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free 描述

Drgon god:Seishi Bosatsu charm
Your Birthday:For those born either 7th, 16th, or 25th of a given month
Luck of the dragon power:
Awaking of talent/Mystical power/Spiritual improvement
After rescuing people from anguish using its sublime knowledge light, the god offers deep knowledge and power to allow change.
The dragon gods divided nine groups of dragons that based on a person's birthday.
And this "Takiotoshi" live wall paper created for group 1,4 and 7.
Actually the people who born on these days are "independent".
About the song:
"Takiotoshi" was played and very popular in the Ryukyu-kingdom when Ryukyu people have a banquet for Chinese administers at Ryukyu palace(Shuri-jyo).
So you will hear the relaxing melodies of the rising dragon with our divine music box(package,live wall papaer).
Two animations and music to enjoy!
Change other animation by scrolling.
Replay and pause by tap.
*To use:Menu>Wallpapers>LiveWallpapers->Earth Dragon-HEALING 07 Free
*This livewallpaper is played audio.
If you set silent mode, audio do not play.
*Portrait only.
*This wallpaper is trial version for one day.
The animation does not play after one day.
However, if you reinstall, you can use again.
Full version
*The scrolling depends behavior of Home application.
If scrolling does not work or something strange, try to check Home app's settings.
(scrolling speed, overshoot, etc.)
*Please resetting if the screen turn black when updating it with setting the wallpaper.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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