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The Dallas Morning News

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The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News The Dallas Morning News

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Get the story you want to know and get it fast.
The Dallas Morning News App is an up-to-the-minute source of breaking news, local business updates, lifestyles and entertainment headlines, plus all the sports coverage of the Cowboys, Rangers, Mavericks, Stars, colleges and high school sports.
Our app has been completely rebuilt from scratch.
- Entirely new navigation, look, and feel
- Rich media articles, full of pics, gifs, videos, with more capabilities coming
- The Front Page houses only the most recently updated and curated stories that we feel are the "need to know"
- My Feed is the place for you to build a custom feed, filled with only the latest stories on the topics you care about
- Based on your Favorites, or modifiable in the Settings, pick the Push Notification content you want to see
- Local weather sourced by Accuweather
This digital version of the news maintains the principles of journalistic integrity you expect and appreciate from The Dallas Morning News. With a fair approach to both sides of every important question, it’s your most-trusted source of news, and now it’s at your fingertips. Get the latest news for the topics you care about in The Dallas Morning News App.
Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is required for this app to work.
- 全新的导航,外观和感觉
- 富媒体的文章,充满了图片,GIF图片,视频,具有更多功能的未来
- 头版房子只是最近更新和策划的故事,我们觉得是“需要知道”
- 我的饲料是为您打造一个自定义源的地方,充斥着只对您所关心的主题的最新故事
- 根据您的收藏夹,在设置或修改,选择你想看的推送通知的内容
- 本地天气AccuWeather提供源
搭载Android 4.0(冰淇淋三明治),为这个应用程序的工作是必需的。

The Dallas Morning News 更新内容

The time has come! The Dallas Morning News App has received a full work over, from headlines to lists, stories to alerts. The entire navigation of the app has been updated based on your feedback. The articles we write can be filtered in a custom feed controlled by your tastes and needs. We've built in categorical push notification capabilities to keep you alert to only the content you care about. The updates won't stop here, either.

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Android 4.0.3 以上
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