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WVNS本地新闻 WVNS本地新闻 WVNS本地新闻 WVNS本地新闻 WVNS本地新闻 WVNS本地新闻

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The local news experience you’ve been waiting for is finally here! WVNS is the premiere news leader for the Bluefield – Beckley, West Virgina area. Now you can get the latest news, sports and weather wherever you go with the WVNS Mobile Local News application. Mobile Local News brings the best of 59News straight to your mobile device. It makes viewing and sharing the news easy. With a few steps, you can get the latest news and share it with friends and family by e-mail, text message and even Twitter and Facebook. Whether it’s severe weather, the newest sports scores or breaking news, the WVNS Mobile Local News application keeps you in-the-know while you’re on-the-go.
The new WVNSTV.com app includes:
- Local news
- West Virginia News
- National News
- Business News
- West Virginia Tonight Live News
- Decision Makers Stories
- Local and National Sports News
- WVU & Virginia Tech Sports News
- StormTracker59 Weather Radar and Forecasts
- Current conditions that change automatically based on your location.
- School Closings and Delays and Severe Weather Alerts
- Intuitive, patent-pending navigation
- Submit your news pictures and videos to WVNS right from the app
- Easy news sharing by e-mail, text message and post to Twitter and Facebook
- And more…
Designed and developed in partnership with DoApp, Inc., best in class in mobile phone development, and Inergize Digital, the media industry’s leading provider of content management solutions, Web sites and interactive technology for television stations and other media companies, the Mobile Local News application makes it easy for media companies to distribute news and information to the mobile masses.
本地新闻的经验,你一直在等待的终于来了! WVNS是首映新闻领导为布卢菲尔特 - 贝克利,西弗吉尼亚州区。现在你可以随时随地与WVNS移动本地新闻应用程序的最新新闻,体育和天气。移动本地新闻带来最好的59News的直接到您的移动设备。它使观看和分享的新闻轻松。通过几个步骤,你可以得到的最新消息,并与朋友和家人通过电子邮件,短信,甚至Twitter和Facebook分享。无论是恶劣天气,最新的体育成绩或重大新闻,该WVNS移动本地新闻应用程序让你在最知道,而你在这去。
- 本地新闻
- 西维吉尼亚新闻
- 国内新闻
- 第一财经日报
- 西维吉尼亚今晚直播新闻
- 决策者故事
- 地方和国家体育新闻
- 西弗吉尼亚大学和弗吉尼亚理工大学体育新闻
- StormTracker59天气雷达和预测
- 这改变会自动根据您的位置目前的情况。
- 学校关闭和延时和灾害性天气警报
- 直观,正在申请专利的导航
- 从应用程序提交你的新闻图片和视频WVNS权
- 通过电子邮件,短信和张贴到Twitter和Facebook简易新闻共享
- 和更多…

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All new weather system with updated forecasts, multiple locations, and weather alert notifications!
While we were “under the hood” we also squashed a few bugs and made a bunch of performance improvements.
If you run into any problems, email us at help@doapps.com and we will be happy to look into any issue for you.

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