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Houston News and Weather

Houston News and Weather

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Houston News and Weather Houston News and Weather Houston News and Weather Houston News and Weather Houston News and Weather Houston News and Weather

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The Houston News app from KHOU 11 News provides comprehensive coverage of Houston-area news, along with Texas, US and world headlines. You will also find lifestyle content including what's hot at the box office and movie show times, cheapest gas prices around town, a listing of Houston events at public venues including The Hobby Center, Woodlands Pavilion and Toyota Center. And, fun for the whole family.
If you are looking to catch an Astros, Dynamo, Texans or Rockets game, you will find the latest sports headlines, weather radars and conditions for local neighborhoods. Weather conditions include an almanac, air pollution levels and what to expect over the next 12 hours.
You’ll have immediate access to the latest articles and videos from the KHOU 11 newsroom and enjoy up-to-the-minute information -- all in one convenient application.
The Houston News application offers information you need to make it through your day. Application highlights include:
- Latest news
- Houston crime
- Neighborhood news
- City news
- Drive times and traffic cams
- Weather conditions including almanac by city
- Air pollution levels
- Local and statewide radars
- Sports news
- Houston happenings
- Movie times and reviews
- Texas lottery
- Video
You can follow us and connect to your friends through our Facebook and Twitter links.
If you see news happen, upload your photos or video through the submit news link.
Copyright 2012, KHOU.com and KHOU 11 News
从KHOU 11新闻休斯敦新闻应用程序提供的休斯敦地区的新闻全面覆盖,与得克萨斯,美国和世界的头条新闻一起。您还可以找到生活的内容,包括什么是票房和电影放映时间热点,围绕镇最便宜的加油站的价格,在公共场所,包括爱好中心,兀兰馆和丰田中心休斯敦事件列表。而且,对于整个家庭的乐趣。
有啊€™将不得不从KHOU 11新闻编辑室的最新文章和视频即时访问和享受先进的最新信息 - 在一个方便的应用程序。
- 最新消息
- 休斯顿犯罪
- 邻里新闻
- 城市新闻
- 驱动时间和交通凸轮
- 天气条件包括历城
- 空气污染水平
- 本地和全州的雷达
- 体育新闻
- 休斯敦发生的事情
- 电影放映时间及评论
- 得克萨斯州彩票
- 视频
版权所有2012,KHOU.com和KHOU 11新闻

Houston News and Weather 更新内容

Another awesome update is here. We listened to users and their wants. We surveyed over 1000 of you users to get feedback on improvements. You indicated preference for brighter background and larger text. Check! We delivered. A refreshed look for you to see things in both low and dark light.
We made our push notification rich in style with a more prevalent location.
We also did some weather enhancements with multiple weather layers in the radar section.
We squashed some bugs too!

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