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WWL-TV New Orleans News

WWL-TV New Orleans News

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WWL-TV New Orleans News WWL-TV New Orleans News WWL-TV New Orleans News WWL-TV New Orleans News WWL-TV New Orleans News WWL-TV New Orleans News

WWL-TV New Orleans News 描述

WWL-TV is the New Orleans news leader in breaking news, weather, traffic and crime. Download the free app to your phone and receive news and weather alerts on important stories and emergency situations.
The WWL-TV News app focuses on the latest news to keep you informed. Highlights of the app include:
- Latest breaking news and alerts
- Severe weather warnings, watches, alerts and advisories
- Live weather radars to track the storms
- Hurricane tracks, paths, models and forecasts
- Live video newscasts and live video of important, breaking events
- Sports updates for the New Orleans Saints, New Orleans Pelicans, LSU, Tulane, UNO and other local teams
- Traffic updates and alerts
- Live, viewer photos
- Constantly updated weather forecasts
- Share tools for videos and articles
- Easy way to submit your videos and photos
- 最新的新闻和警报破
- 恶劣天气警告,手表,提醒和忠告
- 实时天气雷达跟踪的风暴
- 飓风轨道,路径,模式和预测
- 实时视频新闻节目和重要的是,突发事件的现场视频
- 体育更新新奥尔良圣徒,新奥尔良鹈鹕,路易斯安那州立大学,杜兰大学,UNO和其他地方队
- 交通更新和警报
- 现场,观众照片
- 不断更新的天气预报
- 为视频和文章分享工具
- 简单的方法来提交您的视频和照片

WWL-TV New Orleans News 更新内容

Another awesome update is here. We listened to users and their wants. We surveyed over 1000 of you users to get feedback on improvements. You indicated preference for brighter background and larger text. Check! We delivered. A refreshed look for you to see things in both low and dark light.
We made our push notification rich in style with a more prevalent location.
We also did some weather enhancements with multiple weather layers in the radar section.
We squashed some bugs too!

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