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KHOU 11 Houston Sports

KHOU 11 Houston Sports

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KHOU 11 Houston Sports KHOU 11 Houston Sports KHOU 11 Houston Sports KHOU 11 Houston Sports KHOU 11 Houston Sports KHOU 11 Houston Sports

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KHOU 11 Houston Sports is your go-to source for coverage of the Houston Texans and more. You'll also find coverage of the Houston Rockets, Houston Astros and Houston Dynamo so you can follow your favorite teams all year long.
The KHOU 11 Houston Sports free application provides the latest news, scores, polls, standings, roster, schedules, video and photos for college and professional teams throughout Texas and beyond. It also contains news and standings for college teams so you can follow your favorites from the palm of your hand.
★KHOU 11 Sports Coverage
- Includes the latest highlights for your favorite Texas teams.
- Watch ‘Sports Extra’ with anchor Bob Allen airing Sundays at 10:25 p.m. for Athlete of the Week and sports analysis.
Other app highlights include:
★ Stats & Scores
- Football (NFL, NCAA)
- Baseball (MLB)
- Basketball (NBA, NCAA)
- Soccer
- Golf (PGA)
- Auto Racing
★ Standings - includes rankings for college teams
★ Schedules - seasonal team schedules
★ College Polls - AP, coaches, BCS
★ GPS Forecast - from where you're standing
★ Notifications - 'On' for breaking sports news
★ Upload fan photos
Download the free app now and share with all your friends. Count on the KHOU 11 Sports team to keep you plugged in all season!
KHOU 11休斯敦体育是你去到源休斯敦德州人多的报道。您还可以找到休斯顿火箭队,休斯顿太空人队和休斯顿迪纳摩的覆盖范围,你可以按照自己喜欢的球队一年之久。
该KHOU 11休斯敦体育免费的应用程序提供了最新的新闻,比分,投票,积分榜上,名册,时间表,视频和照片的高校和专业的团队在整个得克萨斯州和超越。它还包含新闻和积分榜上的大学球队,所以你可以从你的手掌遵循您的收藏夹。
â~... KHOU 11体育报道
- 包括你喜欢的球队德克萨斯州的最新亮点。
- 观看€~SportsExtra’锚鲍勃·艾伦在下午10点25分的周和运动分析的运动员周日播出。
- 足球(NFL,NCAA)
- 棒球(MLB)
- 篮球(NBA,NCAA)
- 足球
- 高尔夫(PGA)
- 赛车
â~...排名 - 包括对学院队排名
â~...时刻表 - 季节性团队日程
â~...学院民意调查 - 美联社,教练,BCS
â~... GPS预报 - 从那里你站在
â~...通知 - “关于'打破体育新闻
立即下载免费的应用程序,并与所有的朋友分享。指望KHOU 11体育团队,让你在整个赛季都插上!

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Another awesome update is here. We listened to users and their wants. We surveyed over 1000 of you users to get feedback on improvements. You indicated preference for brighter background and larger text. Check! We delivered. A refreshed look for you to see things in both low and dark light.
We made our push notification rich in style with a more prevalent location.
We also did some weather enhancements with multiple weather layers in the radar section.
We squashed some bugs too!

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