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NOTE: Please don't confuse this with Google's Voice Search. If you're clicking the mic next to the Google Search bar then you're not using this app. Speak Here Now is an Android application that allows you to simply speak what you want to do, rather than having to type it out on that tiny mobile keyboard. Just hold the physical Search button (if your device has one) or open the application and say what you want to do. Built-in Commands:"TWEET" + [what you're tweeting]: sends a tweet through Twitter"REMEMBER" + [task to remember]: adds that task to your Remember The Milk"LISTEN TO" + [song or artist]: same as Google's Voice Search"SETTINGS" + "Turn Google Plus on": Open Google+ after you tweet"SETTINGS" + "Turn Google Plus off": Don't open Google+ after you tweet"SETTINGS" + "Set default action to" + [COMMAND]: always use this command, so you don't have to say it anymore"SETTINGS" + "Clear default action": Clears the default action Since you don't want a tweet going out that wasn't what you really said, Speak Here Now will read the tweet back to you to make sure it heard you correctly and ask if it understood you. Just say yes and off your tweet goes to all your followers. If it misunderstood you just say no and try again. Never have to worry about a messed up tweet getting sent again. Remember The Milk tasks are not confirmed, but only you will see it if there's a mistake. ;) Other applications can now use Speak Here Now to make their apps voice enabled as well, so check with your favorite developers to see if you can use their apps with Speak Here Now! This is tested with English only. May work with other languages that Google supports. This application and it's creator are not affiliated with Twitter or Google or Remember The Milk in any way shape or form. Yet.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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