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Name That Dog Free

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Name That Dog Free Name That Dog Free Name That Dog Free Name That Dog Free Name That Dog Free Name That Dog Free

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Name That Dog™ is the fun way for dog lovers to learn every dog breed. Free!
Play the game that has dog lovers everywhere scratching their heads!
Name That Dog™ is the fun way to learn every dog breed. Here's how it works:
We show you a gorgeous, high-resolution photo of a dog, and
You choose the correct breed name from a choice of four possibilities.
Simple right? Not so fast canine-stein! Name That Dog™ includes some of the rarest and most exotic breeds known to humankind. For example, do you know what an American Hairless Terrier looks like? HINT: it has no hair! Okay...how about a Smoushond? HINT: its face is NOT smooshed in.
With over 349 breeds - including many that you know (Labrador Retriever) and many, many more that you don’t (Portuguese Podengo) - Name That Dog™ is a challenging and fun game for dog lovers of all ages. We have scoured the world to include nearly every known breed and included over 2,000 high-resolution images to make the game interesting and engaging. Play in either Practice Mode (play forever without the pressure of being timed) or Speed Challenge Mode against the clock.
Upgrade to the Pro version which has 101 additional breeds, larger photos, and NO advertising.
From the publishers of Perfect Dog: The Ultimate Breed Guide to Dogs, the only ★★★★★ rated Dog app in the world!

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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