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Just look at the spinning girl, if she is spinning clockwise, you are more partial to right brain functioning. Whereas if she is spinning counterclockwise, your a left brain operator.
Left Brain Characteristics
Left brained people are characterized by sequential, logical and analytical. They can easily see the path from a to b. Left brainers also communicate directly, via speech or writing and respond very well to verbal directions. They also can focus very easily and pay attention to details.
As learners, left brains tend to understand through lectures, discussion and rationalization. Typcial left brain professions are accountants, lawyers and careers in the area of science.
Right Brain Characteristics
Right brained people are very creative and intuitive. They spend alot of time imagining and dreaming, which helps them create many ideas. Right brainers tend to follow their intuition and be very spontaneous.
People strong in right brain activity tend to shine in careers as artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen and sales. Right brained people tend to understand new information by stories, diagrams, allegories and metaphors. When communicating, right brained people tend to communicate indirectly by gestures, voice tone. As in its not what they say, but HOW they say it.
Switch Hitters
While there is a good chance you already knew which way you tend to lean, creative or analytical. But here's the real question - can you change the way you see the girl spin? On command?
In baseball, some of the most valuable players are "Switch Hitters", as in they can hit the ball with their right hand or left hand, depending on the pitcher or where they need to hit the ball.
If you are one of the lucky few who knows how to control which hemisphere of the brain to use for specific tasks, consider yourself a switch hitter. People with this skill know that when they need to focus and rationalize, they need to operate from their left brain space, then can switch into a creative state of mind when needed.
作为学习者,左大脑倾向于理解通过讲座,讨论和合理化。 Typcial左脑职业是会计师,律师和献身科学的区域。
虽然有一个很好的机会,你已经知道你会瘦,创意或分析哪种方式。但这里真正的问题 - 你可以改变你看那个女孩旋的方式吗?在命令?

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