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DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor

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DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 截图

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 描述

Ever had the discussion of who's the best driver? Prove yourself now with DriSMo

★ Be sure to check out the youtube video of the app! ★

Today's technology already allow drivers to be guided by a GPS. To take this a step further, this app provides a system to monitor and analyze the driving quality by using the accelerometer (G-sensor) of your smartphone. This will help you determine if the driving is good or bad, helping you improving your own driving skills. Hence the name "Driving Skill Monitor" (DriSMo).

The goal of this application is to emphasize the attention towards good driving quality and make the drivers aware of their own driving quality. By raising the awareness of driving quality, you can increase the quality of driving. Fuel efficiency will also be improved, as a result.

★ Advanced quality monitoring
- Multiple monitor views
- Realtime quality feedback
- Text to speech supported (English only)
★ Retrospective trip analysis
- Quality graph
- Quality rating and general trip information
- Map view, including quality track
★ Map and GPS-tracking
★ SMS auto-reply
★ Power-saving option
★ Export quality data (CSV file)
★ Share your trip on Facebook

Fields of use:
★ Show off your driving skills, and compare them to other friends.
★ Prove that your car is of good quality, and that it is comfortable driving.
★ Measure acceleration, by using the debug monitor.
★ Save money on gas, by driving more smoothly!

DriSMo is Open Source, and you can find the project at http://sourceforge.net/projects/drismo/ or check out the code at GitHub @ https://github.com/jmyrland/DriSMo.

Found a bug/Got a feature request? Send us mail! :)

Why all the permissions?
• Internett access:
For downloading the map, and (if you want to) for posting to FB.
• Send SMS/Read SMS:
If enabled, DriSMo will repsond to incoming messages with a predefined message.
• Read location (GPS):
This is used to spot where you are, so the app can log and display the location on a map.
• Read phone state and incoming calls:
If enabled, this is used to send a predefined message to incoming calls, to let them know you are driving.
• Storage and saving to SD-card:
To log each trip, DriSMo saves a file for each trip on the SD-card.
• System tools:
To prevent the phone from sleeping when assessing driving quality, and for running DriSMo in the background when driving.
• Control vibrator:
To turn off the vibrator when assessing driving quality.

-Ignore this-
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This is a real driving app, unlike smartphone simulation games like Drag Racing, Drift Mania, NEED FOR SPEED, Head To Head Racing, Championship Lite, Jet Car Stunts, Raging Thunder, Car Conductor, and other cool games!
This app senses and analyzes the driving dynamics, not just visualizing and recording the speed and video, such as DailyRoads Voyager, AutoBoy BlackBox, SpeedView, Ulysse Speedometer, Ulysse Gizmos and other cool apps.
This app puts focus on how people drive, not so much where people drive like some great navigation apps like VZ Navigator, My Verizon, waze, navigator by Verizon Wireless, my T-Mobile, iGo, AT&T navigator, Maverick, Sygic, Here I Am, Google Map Navigation, NAVIGON MobileNavigator, Beat the Traffic, Traffic Jam, RAC Traffic, and other cool apps.

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 更新内容



- Calibration fixed on devices with "unreliable" sensors.


- The messenger is now only active while the monitor is running.


- Export function improved/fixed

- Map bug fixed

- Accessability improved

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 历史版本

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 使用技巧

DriSMo - Driving Skill Monitor 信息

Android 2.1.0 以上

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