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Drivers Ed Florida

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Drivers Ed Florida Drivers Ed Florida Drivers Ed Florida Drivers Ed Florida

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The Drivers Ed Florida app is brought to you free of charge by DriversEd.com and FLVS!
Studying for your DHSMV permit test in Florida? Study on the go with our Drivers Ed Florida app and make sure you know enough to be a safe, responsible Florida driver!
FREE from FLVS and DriversEd.com, the leader in online education, and the leader in online drivers education, this full-featured study companion challenges you with a database of more than 350 questions.
Your results are recorded so you can track your progress and review your incorrect answers. Retake past tests as many times as you want to make sure you know the material.
Pick the length of each test: you can take a quick test with 5 questions or a long one with as many as 100. It’s your choice!
Use the Flash Card feature to quickly study the important facts you need to know for the test.
Of course, you’ll still need to read the Florida Driver's Manual to prepare for the test. With Drivers Ed Florida, you can download the Florida Driver's Manual to your device anytime! After the first download, the manual is saved on your device, so you won’t have to wait for the download again. You can look at the manual anytime, even if you don't have any service!
The Florida manual is an official DMV publication in PDF format. The text is crystal clear and easy to read: pinch to zoom, just like a web page!
This app works with the FLVS and DriversEd.com licensed Florida drivers education course, which you can take to get your drivers license!
+ Over 350 questions
+ Each quiz pulls random questions, giving you a different quiz each time
+ Select the number of questions you want in each quiz
+ Results for each quiz are saved for your review and study. Tests can be retaken
+ Download Florida’s Drivers Manual so you can read and study any time
Study with digital flash cards

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此版本中的新功能:Updated Florida Manual

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