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Droideley (beta)

Droideley (beta)

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Droideley (beta) Droideley (beta) Droideley (beta) Droideley (beta)

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Droideley is an unofficial Mendeley (http://www.mendeley.com) Android client. It is capable of synchronizing with your Mendeley library and of downloading the stored documents. It also provides a filtering options (folder, author, tag) and it can be used for searching in the global Mendeley database or for browsing Mendeley Groups.

Please, be aware that this development release can still contain bugs but let me assure you, that it CAN NOT harm your Mendeley data.

I would like to assure you that the development is in progress and any suggestions or bug reports from you side will be highly appreciated.

- Synchronizing your whole Mendeley library with your android device
- Ability to download files attached to the documents
- Browse the library through folders
- Filter documents by author or tag
- Quick keyword search in the presented lists (document titles, authors, tags etc.)
- Share documents through all the sharing options provided by your device
- Browse groups and their documents
- Download files associated with documents within groups
- Search the global Mendeley Web database for new papers (voice search option included)

DEVELOPER'S NOTE: Currently, you can experience some problems with the Mendeley authentication phase during the first start of the app. The problem is probably on the side of the Mendeley authentication provider. I was assured that the Mendeley team knows about this issue and that they are looking into it. For the latest news, follow @Droideley on twitter.

Finally, if droideley is not working for you or you would like to try something else, I recommend Scholarley (another Mendeley Android client).

Droideley (beta) 更新内容


This update should solve the problem with the app start that occurred in the previous version. After updating to this version, you will need to re-sync your library first and then you will be able to download the pdfs. Apologies again for the inconvenience.

- Possibility to download all attached pdfs (Dashboard->Menu->Sync->Download all attached pdfs)

WARNING: Downloading all pdfs in your library can take serious amount of time. Be patient please!

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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