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Tha Icon Ultimate Tha Icon Ultimate Tha Icon Ultimate Tha Icon Ultimate Tha Icon Ultimate Tha Icon Ultimate

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For a few days we had problems processing in-app purchases. The latest update fixes that problem, and will add the credits you attempted to purchase. After installing the update, please go to the Accounts page and wait for a few minutes. If it does not start showing you messages, click the "buy one credit button" then go back to the app and wait again.


It's no secret that Tha Phlash (http://bit.ly/thaphlash) has produced some of the most amazing icons for Android and in huge volume. Tha Icon Ultimate brings ALL of his icons to your phone in one huge icon pack through a partnership with Droidicon.

There are 47 free styles, each with 1272 excellent icons. You can unlock 3811 more premium styles for some serious themeing.

Premium styles cost one credit to unlock, and you can purchase 5 credits for $3.99 or 1 credit for $0.99.

The icons can be used out of the box with the following applications:
* ADW and ADW EX
* Open Home
* GO Launcher EX
* LauncherPro and LauncherPro Plus

If you also install Desktop VisualizeR or BetterCut, the icons will work with:
* Zeam
* HTC SenseUI
* Android 2.3 Launcher
* Launch-X
* Any other launcher

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Tha Icon Ultimate 更新内容


1.2.8 - Fixed a problem with in-app purchasing on Honeycomb, ICS and Jelly Bean devices.

1.2.7 - SPEED!!! Icons now load much faster.

1.2.6 - Fixed several crashes

1.2.5 - Fixed problems with in-app purchasing

1.2.3 - Added settings for showing icons in gallery and clearing cache. Also fixed some styles mistakenly reported as free.

1.2.4 - Fixed the instant force close problem

1.2.2 - Prevent people from purchasing icons if they are not logged in


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Android 2.0.1 以上
Jon F Hancock

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