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Super Dialer Lite

Super Dialer Lite

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Super Dialer Lite Super Dialer Lite Super Dialer Lite Super Dialer Lite Super Dialer Lite Super Dialer Lite

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Super Dialer – The best speed dialer you can get!
This version including ads
Super Dialer is an awesome and amazing dialer with powerful contact management options.
Super Dialer will show you the most contacted contacts so you will not spend your time – a great time saver!
This app gives you a convenient & easy way to keep in touch with your contacts.
With Super Dialer app you will get a lot of feature like:
* Speed Dial
* Easy Dial
* Quick Contact options menu: make call, send SMS, show details, send email and more!
* Favorites screen
* The most contacted contacts screen
* Contacts screen
* Smart contacts search by name and phone number
* View / Edit / Add contact
* Display your call log
* Colorful Dialer with big buttons
Super Dialer app built in a convenient way so it will be easy to switch screens and manage your contacts. In each screen in the app you will find a nice grid view including contacts images and display name.
Super Dialer allows you to choose the action when contact is chosen by click and by double click on the contact image. The action can be direct call or to show a quick contact options menu that allows sending SMS, email, etc.
This app is very useful!
For any questions / comments / feedback / bugs please don't hesitate to email us at droiditapp@gmail.com and we promise to response ASAP.
If you like this app, please be kind and leave us a nice review with a good rating at the market.
Thanks you!

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* If you encounter any bugs please email us to droiditapp@gmail.com. Thank you!

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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