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D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

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D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro 截图

D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro 描述

Supported Services:
- Feedly Cloud (
- The Old Reader (
- Ino Reader (
You need to register with the services to use this app.
rss | atom | news | podcast | feedly | the old reader
A simple, fast and powerful RSS client for Android, lets you to access your reading list and manage your subscriptions with ease from a native application, which is always in sync with the chosen reader service. It can also support listening to podcasts or downloading them for later use. Embedded videos cab be watched in-app if the device supports plugins (enable in preferences).
Note: App features are limited to the chosen reader service
*** This is an online reader; no offline reading is supported except the saved articles and podcasts.
keywords: rss atom podcast feedly google reader news feed subscription share newspaper search podcast facebook twitter google+ old reader
Key features
* Simple, functional and fast
* No Lags what so ever
* Supports Feedly cloud, The Old Reader
* Utilizes low network traffic
* Podcast support (download/play)
* Mobilized articles
* Add new subscription directly from the browser
* Search for articles (depends on reader service support)
* Feed discovery and subscription
* Recommended articles (depends on reader service support)
* Theme support (dark/light)
* (Social) Sharing support (Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Pocket (RIL), Readability, SMS and more)
* Home (dashboard)
- Quick access links to different sections of the app
- Reading list/Subscriptions/Starred/Read items
- Recommended items
- Feed search
- Saved items
- Preferences
- Account switch
* Subscriptions
- Clean and friendly subscriptions and labels/tags management
- Add new subscription (Using search or direct add)
- Remove subscription
- Add/Remove labels to/from subscriptions
- Rename label/tag
- Delete a label/tag
- Search for articles in labels/tags and subscriptions
* Articles list
- Articles in a list format
- Filter articles: show all or new items (configure in preferences)
- Add/remove star (use swipe actions, if enabled)
- Mark as read or keep unread
- Mark multiple as read (all, visible or above items)
- Search for articles
- Swipe actions (set in preferences)
- Pocket/Readability support
* Recommended items
- From chosen reader service
- Subscribe to interesting feeds from here
* Article (full) view
- Better mobile readability and user experience (horizontal scrolling is not necessary for most articles)
- Navigate between articles using Nav bar, Swipe or Volume key: set in preferences
- One click add/remove star
- One click Keep-unread/Mark as read
- Share in Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Email or SMS
- Add to Pocket/Readability
- Mobilize original article (powered by Google/Instapaper/Readibility)
- View original article in browser
- Open any internal links within the in-app mobilizer (no need to leave the app)
- Save article (rss or mobilized) for offline reading
- listen to podcasts or download for later use
- Open Youtube videos in Youtube app
- Support for video playback (enable plugins in preferences)
- Full screen mode (PRO only)
* Saved items
- a list of saved (in sd card) articles
- listen to downloaded podcasts
* Home screen Widget
- Shows unread count
- Refresh interval can be configured
- Does not update when the phone is in stand by (save battery power when screen is off)
* Set clear cache on exit (preferences) to save SD card space
* And many more
  - Feedly云(
  - 老读者(
  - 伊诺阅读器(
RSS |原子|新闻|播客| feedly |老读者
   - 快速访问链接到应用程序的不同部分
   - 阅读清单/订阅/星号标记/读取项目
   - 推荐项目
   - 饲料搜索
   - 保存的项目
   - 首选项
   - 帐户切换
   - 干净,友好的订阅和标签/标记管理
   - 添加新的订阅(使用搜索或直接添加)
   - 删除订阅
   - 添加/删除订阅的标签/
   - 重命名标签/吊牌
   - 删除标签/吊牌
   - 搜索的标签/标记和订阅文章
   - 文章列表格式
   - 过滤器的文章:显示所有或新项目(配置喜好)
   - 添加/删除星标(用刷卡的动作,如果使能)
   - 标记为已读或未读继续
   - 马克多为已读(全部,可见以上的项目)
   - 搜索文章
   - 刷卡动作(在首选项中设置)
   - 掌上/可读性支持
   - 选自读者服务
   - 订阅从这里有趣的饲料
   - 更好的移动可读性和用户体验(水平滚动条是没有必要的大多数文章)
   - 使用导航栏,刷卡或音量键之间的文章导航:在首选项中设置
   - 一个单击添加/删除明星
   - 一键保存,读/标记为已读
   - 分享到Facebook,谷歌+,微博,电子邮件或简讯
   - 添加到Pocket /可读性
   - 动员原创文章(搭载谷歌/ Instapaper的/可读性)
   - 浏览器查看原文
   - 打开应用程序内动员中的任何内部链接(无需离开应用程序)
   - 保存的文章(RSS或动员),以供离线阅读
   - 收听播客或下载以备后用
   - 打开Youtube视频在YouTube应用程序
   - 支持视频播放(启用首插件)
   - 全屏模式(专业版)
   - 储存(SD卡)的文章列表
   - 听下载的播客
   - 显示未读邮件数
   - 刷新间隔可以被配置
   - 当手机处于待机状态不更新(节省电池电量,当屏幕关闭)

D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro 更新内容

NOTE: 9th Nov - Feedly service is down. http://blog.feedly.com/2013/11/09/service-not-available-working-on-fix/
* Added support for Ino Reader
* Improved loading speed for Feedly cloud
* Other fixes
* Enabled renaming subscription title for Feedly
* Fixed custom subscription name appeared wrong in article list
* Subscriptions/labels are now ordered alphabetically
* Fixed renaming of tags for Feedly
* Other fixes
Change log history: http://droidlab7.blogspot.com/

D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro 历史版本

  • D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

    D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

    版本:2.2.8 高速下载
  • D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

    D7阅读器专业版汉化版 D7 Reader Pro

    版本: 高速下载

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新闻阅读 生活实用工具 新闻·资讯 电子书
Android 2.1.x 以上

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