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Car Paint Repair

Car Paint Repair

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Car Paint Repair Car Paint Repair

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Car Paint Repair:

Repairing car scratches and chips can get very expensive. Body shops can charge hundreds of dollars to fix even a small scratch. There is no good reason to pay someone all these hard-earned money to repair car paint scratches when you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. Car Paint Repair App provides you with all information you need to do the repairs on the budget.

In this app you will find:

* Easy to follow step-by-step tutorials
* Best and worst car scratch removers
* Secret techniques experts use at the body shops
* Common car paint repair mistakes
* What touch-up paint works the best
* Top car paint repair tools and products
* How to remove residue and scuff marks
* How to repair deep paint scratches and chips
* How to remove scratches from clear coat
* How to apply body filler and spot putty
* Safety measures when spray painting
* Dry/wet sanding techniques

Car Paint Repair is not as complicated as it may seem to someone who has no experience. With good instructions and right products, you can repair it in no time.

Find more tutorials at http://www.carpaintrepairinfo.com/

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