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7th Busan International Fireworks Festival
•Date : 2011. Oct 21(Fri) ~ Oct 29(Sat)
•Venue : Gwangalli Beach and Gwangan Bridge Area
•Organized/Supervised by : Busan Metropolitan City, Visit Korea Committee / The Organizing Committee for Busan Culture & Tourism Festival
The 7th Busan International Fireworks Festival will deliver a big impression to all tourists in Busan for 9 days through various cultural events including fireworks and performances.
'Sharing the Love' Fashion Festival, which is the most famous event and the stage of dream for Korean models, will be hosted on the 21st.
And from 23rd to 27th, various cultural events such as traditional cultural performances, opera, and B-boy performance will be held for the foreign tourists.
On the 28th, the top Korean stars will perform at the Hanryu Concert, which is as big as the firework performances.
Especially, the overseas teams from 4 countries including the United States, Poland, China and Japan will perform at the International Fireworks Contest.
And lastly, Busan Multimedia Fireworks Show, the world’s best fireworks festival, which is only available in Busan, will guide you to the world of fantasy on the 29th.
The Busan International Fireworks Festival will beautifully brighten up the Busan Sea and the autumn sky!
We invite you to the world of fantasy.

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