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8tracks is the best playlist radio app for people who care about music to make & discover refreshingly human playlists.
Want a music player to help you listen to a playlist for a study, workout, yoga, or dating session? Looking for free music to stream like radio? 8tracks is the top music app to discover independent hip hop, EDM, indie rock, dubstep, jazz and many more genres. Choose from nearly 2 million free playlists, each lovingly handcrafted by a real-life human being who listens to music as much as you. Enjoy millions of free songs curated by people around the world.
What’s different:
- Free radio app
- Audio ad free, pure uninterrupted streaming radio unlike Pandora
- Music community sharing and discovering new indie songs
- Creative playlists with a “soul” behind the music
- Music discovery for every imaginable genre, mood, or activity worldwide
- Less repetition
- YouTube integration
Join 8tracks’ global community of 8 million monthly listeners and DJs. Stream for free today.
New in 3.3:
✓ Mama got a new look, trying to get our sexy on with a slightly new look
✓ Told some bugs to get lost and never show their sorry faces in this town again
New in 3.2:
✓ Slightly updated material design, slightly sexier app
✓ Now displaying artist info so you can learn more about the people behind the music you love
✓ Favorite tracks from your notification screen so you don’t even have to go back into the app to show some love
✓ Onboarding screens where we lovingly teach you how to lovingly use the app that loves you back
✓ Told some bugs to get lost and never show their sorry faces in this town again
New in 3.1:
✓ We added Chromecast support, so now you can beam 8tracks playlists to your TV Starship Enterprise-style.
✓ Those bugs that were giving you trouble? We told ‘em to scram!
✓ You can once again sort by trending, newest, and popular. We’re giving the power back to the people.
New in 3.0:
✓ Momma’s beautiful new look ain't nothing to shy away from
✓ Animated playlist covers like we’re in Harry Potter or something
✓ 8tracks Timeline: review playlists you’ve heard and upcoming playlists, travel through time and space
✓ New Home screen: automatically shows what you listen to most
✓ Sleep timer: go to sleep whenever the heck you want without leaving the app running
✓ Tumblr sharing, in addition to Facebook, Twitter, text, email, link, Tinder (just kidding…maybe)
✓ Performance improvements and bugs swatted
✓ Sidebar access to your playlist collections
想要一个音乐播放器,以帮助你听播放列表的一项研究表明,锻炼,瑜伽,或约会会议?寻找免费的音乐流像收音机? 8tracks是顶级的音乐应用程序发现独立嘻哈,EDM,独立摇滚,的dubstep,爵士和更多的流派。选择从近200万免费播放列表,每一个亲切通过现实生活中的人谁听音乐,就像你手工制作。享受数百万世界各地的人策划的免费歌曲。
- 免费的无线应用
- 音频广告免费,纯不间断的流媒体广播不像潘多拉
- 音乐社区分享和发现新的独立的歌曲
- 创意的播放列表有“灵魂”的音乐背后
- 音乐和发现每一个可以想象的风格,情绪,或全球活动
- 减少重复
- YouTube的整合

手工网络电台 更新内容

This is a small update which removes some problematic ads and aims to improve some playback issues in the app. If you are experiencing problems, you can contact us at mobile_support@8tracks.com.

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