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Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant

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Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant

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-Alarm Clock that alerts you with voice of your custom alert message for each alarm.
-Number of alarms limited only by the amount of memory on your device.
-Alarm can be set to repeat daily, on weekdays only, on particular weekday(s), on particular date with option to repeat yearly.
-Option to repeat alarm on hourly/minute basis after the alarm first came due. For example, use this as a snooze feature.
-Much more than just an alarm, this is your personal assistant: use it for birthday reminder, doctor's appointments, meetings, etc.
-Notification when the alarm comes due, in addition to voice alert message. The notification can be disabled.
-Record your action taken after your alarm came due. Records are kept for the past 7 days, and can be recalled anytime.
-Check your Today's Agenda at anytime of the day for what's still remain to be done for today.
-Announcement of the time/date of next alarm when the current alarm comes due. This announcement can be turned off if desired.
We have tried to get more information from the user (Lenise) who claimed that this app contains a virus, but she's not responding. We don't know what her motive is for this claim, but it is extremely frustrating to us. A lot of time and efforts have been put into this app so that we think it may be useful for users of Android phones. For users who may be put off by her claim, we have now published the app in Amazon's appstore. Like Apple's iPhone appstore, Amazon test all the apps they publish in its appstore to verify the functionality. More important, it made sure the apps don't contain virus, before putting them in their appstore.
2/27/2012 - release 1.0.0226: Added an enhancement.
Please visit our website www.eanovate.com for more details about this app.
- 报警时钟提醒你为每个报警自定义报警消息的声音。
- 报警可设置每天重复,平日只,特别是上周日(S),在特定的日期选择重复每年。
- 选项重复按小时/分钟的基础报警后,报警刚来所致。例如,用这个作为一个贪睡功能。
2/27/2012 - 发布1.0.0226:添加了增强。

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Added "Alarm stop time" for alarm(s) that can repeat (i.e. "Hourly repeat time" is non-zero).

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  • Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant

    Alarm Clock/Personal Assistant

    版本:1.0.0226 高速下载

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Android 2.1.x 以上
Google Play

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