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Easy Launcher - Siri

Easy Launcher - Siri

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Easy Launcher - Siri Easy Launcher - Siri Easy Launcher - Siri

Easy Launcher - Siri 描述

Your command, my mission

Easy Launcher - Siri, your smart assistant!
Can’t find the app wanted from crowded and confusing icons?
Are you tired of typing on such a clumsy screen keypad?
NO hands available to pick up phone calls while driving?
Cannot access the phone settings you want?
Want a perfect solution?
Now is your answer!

This is just in.

Easy Launcher Siri is a smart assistant for your phone. So many phone tasks like calls, SMS, phone settings, etc, nearly drive you crazy! But now, just one voice command makes it all easily work. It is pretty cool to use your phone in a new fashion way.

* Basic Phone Use
Call: To dial and answer a call by toggling your voice commands, such as “ call John”, “ answer John”,etc
Contacts: When you want to search John from Contacts, you can give your command, like “Contact John”, and then you can get it easily from the long lists
SMS: To launch the SMS sending interface when you want to send.

* Internet
Browsing: To launch a voice command, like “open Yahoo.com”
Search: To search something by launching, like “ search jobs”
Wiki: To launch a voice command, like “define NBA”
News & Weather: To know the latest weather or news by launching your commands, like “latest news”
SNS: To launch social network sites easily by a voice command, like “Facebook”

* Apps: Open, find & uninstall apps
Open App: To launch an app by its Name if installed, or Easy Launcher will help you find it in Android Market
Find an App in Android Market
Uninstall: Use a voice launcher, like “Uninstall…” to uninstall the app

* Quick Settings
Device Settings: A voice command, like “WIFI on”, “network settings”, etc.
Sound Mode: A voice command, like “Silent Mode”, “Airplane Mode”, etc.
Network switch: A voice launcher of switching WIFI, Bluetooth, or Mobile Data, etc.

* Easy to use
Just with a voice launcher, like “weather today”, you can get the info immediately; it makes your phone usage easier and faster
* Convenient
Hands free: In some hands unavailable conditions, it offers ways to use phone by a single voice command.
Quick access: It lets you easily access phone settings
* Intelligent: “Your command, my mission” is our priority
* Effective: A voice launcher will lead you to the place you want to go to, never to regard the phone thing as a drag, like “Camera” from crowded apps in your phone

Experience the iPhone Siri on Android now! Just give it a try, and you’ll find it to be quite a good assistant in your android life.

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Easy Launcher - Siri 更新内容


* Add voice feedback

* Fix some bugs

Easy Launcher - Siri 历史版本

Easy Launcher - Siri 使用技巧

Easy Launcher - Siri 信息

系统工具 优化
Android 2.2.x 以上
2Easy Team

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