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EclipseDroid USB Free Version

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EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version EclipseDroid USB Free Version

EclipseDroid USB Free Version 描述

EclipseDroid is the ultimate companion for each engaged solar eclipse observer and all people, who are interested in solar eclipses. The app calculates exact data for any solar eclipse at any location. Relax and watch the eclipse and not your cameras, EclipseDroid will work for you!
New in version 6: Text to speech (TTS) supported,
- Network commands for WiFi network based cameras (Tested for Penatx FluCard),
See http://www.strickling.net/eclipsedroid.htm#actions for details.
Version 5 includes an EFlight mode for eclipse observation from an aircraft. Now all timing tasks will run in a service which prevent from being terminated in background.
EclipseDroid is especially designed to support engaged solar eclipse observers in their observations. It will show timetables and countdowns for the contact times, make acoustic announcements of the contacts or other user defined events. It will launch other apps, show text announcements and trigger internal or external cameras connected by USB or optical cable. All these events can be defined and customized in a script by the user. The timings of the events depend on the contact times which are calculated with high precision from the actual device's position or a custom location. For using USB functionality please set "USB Debugging" to On in Android Settings, Developer Settings.
To prepare your eclipse observation, select a desired location from the map, from a list or input free coordinates. To rehearse and check your observation program, simply run EclipseDroid in eclipse simulation mode. When selecting and checking your observation site, avoid unpleasant surprises like buildings or trees blocking your eclipse view! Just call the AR screen of EclipseDroid to see an overlay of the Sun's position at eclipse time with an actual camera image (only availabe in full version).
EclipseDroid has several screens and layouts to show the precise contact times for your location. These are the beginning and end of the eclipse (C1 and C4), the beginning and end of the total or annual phase (C2 and C3), the time of mid eclipse and the current percentage of coverage of the solar disk. You have the choice of two layouts: a smart layout showing the local circumstances and an animation of the eclipse in a condensed form or the classic layout with countdowns for all contacts, an events list with the next upcoming events and the actual eclipse view, if the eclipse is running.
In the 'eclipse details' screen you get full information about the local circumstances of the eclipse. Pressing 'Menu' will add the eclipse to your favorite personal calendar.
More features in Pro version:
- Eclipses > 2017,
- global events and magnitude time table
- link to NASA maps.
- > 10 photos
- AR screen
Required Permissions:
- Hardware controls: Camera for AR.
If compatibility refusal for devices without front camera: Try installation from my website http://www.strickling.net/eclipsedroid.htm!
- Exact location and network location: For site-specific calculations of the contact times.
- Internet Access: Online selection and network based localization of an observation site, database download.
- SD card access: Storing settings, event lists, logs, locations and databases.
- System tools: Keep screen on if connected to external power
- Your Account - Read Google service configuration: Needed for the Google maps module
Lunar eclipses are not supported, nor does the app contain pretty pictures of huge graphics!
Bugs or problems found? Please send an error report for bug fixing or send an email instead of giving bad ratings!
Translators welcome! If you like this app and prefer it in your language, contact me! Translation is rather easy.
Keywords: solar eclipses, total eclipse, annular, partial, black sun, moon, occultation, astronomy, observation, Augmented reality, AR, camera usb control
observing eclipses, eclipse droid, eclipse droit, eclipsedroit, eclipse android
- 网络基于WiFi网络摄像机命令(测试Penatx FluCard)
- 日食> 2017年,
- 全球性事件和幅度时间表
- 链接到NASA的地图。
- > 10张照片
- AR屏
- 硬件控制:对于相机AR。
- 确切位置和网络位置:对于接触时间的特定地点的计算。
- 互联网接入:一个观测点,数据库下载的在线选择和基于网络的定位。
- 存取SD卡:存储设置,事件列表,日志,位置和数据库。
- 系统工具:如果连接到外部电源保持屏幕上
- 您的帐户 - 请阅读谷歌服务的配置:所需的谷歌地图模块

EclipseDroid USB Free Version 更新内容

6.4.3 - Bugfixes
6.4.0 - Eclipse magnitude and central duration for crosshair position in OSM map module,
- Hourglass displayed directly after map clicked, Delta-T update until 2018
6.3.0 - Exit Button, Date option for absolute timings,
CLEAR command in scripts to delete surplus pending commands
6.2.0 - Overflow menu icons, Open Street Map
6.1.0 - Chinese, French, Spanish, Malaysian, Indonesian
6.0.0 - Network commands for WiFi network based cameras (Tested for Pentax FluCard)

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摄影图像 相机 图像编辑
Android 2.0.0 以上

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