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Brilliant Spelling (LITE)

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Brilliant Spelling (LITE) Brilliant Spelling (LITE) Brilliant Spelling (LITE) Brilliant Spelling (LITE)

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Anyone can become a Brilliant Speller and increase their vocabulary!
The LITE version lets you evaluate Brilliant Spelling with just a few levels and the ability to edit one custom word list. We hope this gives you a great way to check it out!
Brilliant Spelling is a fun and entertaining game with a friendly speaking voice to guide you. Advance through the levels as you increase your knowledge. Over 3100 American English words are included in the full version (about 500 words in this LITE version). You may also enter your own word lists and play the game to learn them. Great for adults and kids who want to learn to spell but wish to have fun doing it!
Brilliant Spelling provides an immersive environment. The virtual tutor interacts with you on a first name basis giving you encouragement. Fun background pictures enhance your experience. Not only will you improve your spelling and vocabulary skills, you will feel better about yourself!
Special features include:
- Virtual artificial intelligence tutor with speaking voice.
- Word levels for 1st grade through adult.
- Enter your own word lists in My Levels. (One level in this LITE version.)
- Backup and restore your custom word lists (Full version only).
- Uses knowledge of brain function and learning processes.
- Great for ensuring you will ace a spelling quiz or impress your boss.
- Magical for ADD/ADHD/Dyslexia students. It engages the logical parts of the brain that most games can't.
- Keeps track of multiple users so you can let others play without losing your own scores.
Brilliant Spelling works like this: Start by entering your name. From then on, the tutor refers to you by name. The Brilliant Spelling tutor uses text-to-speech to talk to the user. What happens next is almost magical. A colorful picture provides a background as the tutor makes friends with you as it steps through the spelling levels. It is a two way interaction with you entering words and tapping the buttons, and the tutor talking and drawing you in. You have to try it to believe it.
Brilliant Spelling uses the default Android voice. You may want to consider the SVOX Michael or Grace voice for an even more natural voice.
At this low introductory price Brilliant Spelling offers a tremendous educational value.
- 虚拟人工智能导师说话的声音。
- 字水平第一级通过成人。
- 输入自己的单词列表,我的水平。在这个Lite版本(一级)。
- 备份和恢复您的自定义词汇表(完整版)。
- 使用大脑功能和学习过程的知识。
- 伟大的,以确保你会王牌拼写测验或你的老板留下深刻印象。
- ADD /多动症/诵读困难学生的神奇。它从事的逻辑的大脑部位,大多数游戏不能。
- 跟踪多个用户,这样你就可以让别人玩不失去自己的分数。

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play

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