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EFI PrintMe Mobile EFI PrintMe Mobile EFI PrintMe Mobile EFI PrintMe Mobile EFI PrintMe Mobile EFI PrintMe Mobile

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Companies use EFI PrintMe Mobile to enable their employees to easily print from their Android devices while at work.
*** Please note: PrintMe Mobile is not a consumer app for use at home. ***
With PrintMe Mobile software installed on your company’s network, you can use this app to securely connect over Wi-Fi from your Android device to any of your company’s network printers. It is an easy-to-use, fast app with no ads. Use it to print from your workspace or conference room, or as you move from one floor to another, visit buildings across your corporate campus or travel to a company office in another city.
PrintMe Mobile publishes a list of company printers that automatically appear on your Android smartphone or tablet. PrintMe Mobile does not require a wireless printer ― and works with all brands and types of printers on your company network.
Print by selecting “Share”, “Open With”, “Complete Action Using”, or similar commands — depending on the application. You just use your normal application menus, choose the PrintMe Mobile app to select a printer, choose your printing options, and print.
PrintMe Mobile preserves fonts and layouts so your document prints the way it should on any printer. So you get high-quality prints wherever you are, whenever you need them.
See a video showing how easy it is to use at www.efi.com/printmemobile.
Then ask your IT department to download and install the 45-day free trial of the full feature PrintMe Mobile software for enterprise mobile printing at www.efi.com/printmemobile. This secure, scalable solution is cost-effective as it uses existing printers, plus it’s easy to deploy and support.
PrintMe Mobile is made by EFI, a leading Silicon Valley technology company supplying controllers for printers by Canon, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Ricoh, Xerox and more for over 20 years.
For PrintMe Mobile technical support, contact EFI at www.efi.com/printmemobile/support.
公司使用EFI PrintMe移动,使员工能够轻松地从他们的Andr​​oid设备在工作时打印。
***请注意:,PrintMe手机是消费者在家中使用的应用程序。 ***
PrintMe移动发布了一个公司的打印机列表会自动出现在你的Andr​​oid智能手机或平板电脑。 PrintMe手机并不需要一个无线打印机 - 适用于所有品牌和类型的公司网络上的打印机。
选择“共享”,“打开方式”,“成套动作”,或类似的命令 - 根据不同的应用进行打印。你只需要使用您正常的应用程序菜单中,选择“PrintMe移动的应用程序来选择打印机,选择打印选项,并打印。
看到一个视频,显示它是多么容易使用在www.efi.com / printmemobile。
然后询问您的IT部门,企业移动打印在www.efi.com / printmemobile的全功能的PrintMe手机软件的45天免费试用下载并安装。这种安全的,可扩展的解决方案,是符合成本效益,因为它使用现有的打印机,再加上它是易于部署和支持。
对于的PrintMe移动技术支持,请联系EFI,在www.efi.com / printmemobile /支。

EFI PrintMe Mobile 更新内容

What’s in version 2.4.0:
• Public device (always require credentials)
• Kitkat print support

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办公商务 办公软件 效率办公
Android 2.0.0 以上

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