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Shoppers' Delight

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Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight Shoppers' Delight

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Shoppers' delight is a shopping application that assists shoppers to compare product prices across various supermarkets near you. With Shoppers' Delight, every penny counts! The application goes further and gives you a cross product price comparison thus providing you with the best priced product. Shoppers' Delight is also aware your health concerns and provides an alternative healthier option to some selected products.

You do not need to move from supermarket to supermarket trying to get the best priced product or bargains, Shoppers' Delight does it for you!

We will update you every minute on the available bargains and keep the product prices current. Shoppers' Delight comes loaded with a widget that will display the latest bargains and products on sale from all Supermarkets near you keeping you well informed.

Using GPS and Google maps, Shoppers' Delight also provides you with a map to every supermarket location, the distance from your current location and directions to any chosen supermarket from your current location.

For the bargains and shopping lists that you wants to share with family and friends, Shoppers' Delight provide a share facility where you can share via Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.

You can be able to quickly get the latest price for a specific product by search the product through typing or speaking the product name.

Shoppers' Delight also provides you with a shopping list where you can enter your budget and it keeps tab of how much you have spent while doing the actual shopping.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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