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Free Restaurant Weight Loss

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Free Restaurant Weight Loss Free Restaurant Weight Loss Free Restaurant Weight Loss Free Restaurant Weight Loss Free Restaurant Weight Loss Free Restaurant Weight Loss

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Wonder what the Smart or Plus food score value is for that Fast Food meal? Stop wondering and use this app to show you EXACTLY what the food score value is for what you just ATE!
◆Updated for new Smart Food Score values 2016◆
◆All Restaurants updated 2016!!◆
The ONLY Restaurant app with over 250 restaurants, fast search, favorites list to help you all!! It lets you make healthier choices and has food score values for classic & new systems as well as calories, carbs, protein, fat and sodium values!!!!
So you are trying to lose a few pounds and it's going good... BUT it's soooo hard to track when you EAT OUT at restaurants!!!
It is so frustrating when you don't know the food score values of the restaurant foods you are eating!!
If you don't track the restaurant foods properly you could RISK all of your hard work and unknowingly gain all those pounds and weight back!! This is the last thing you want if you are trying to lose weight!!!
BUT wait... you have your phone with you 96% of the time (except the shower... at least I hope :p) So that means that you have a HUGE database of restaurant food score values with you wherever you GO!!
That's exactly what this Restaurant guide app does for you! It gives you all of the restaurant food score values, calories, carbs, protein, and fat scores for ALL of the foods on the menu! This is something everyone watching their weight should have if they want to reach their weight loss goals!
Purchase this Restaurant guide app now to ensure your weight loss success and enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life!
P.P.S Get this app now so that you don't fall off the wagon and jeopardize your weight loss!
✓ Has the LARGEST and MOST UP TO DATE selection of restaurants!
✓ The ONLY Restaurant app with a Favorites List!
✓ The ONLY Restaurant app with a Fast Search!
✓ Lose the belly and get the flat stomach you have always wanted!
✓ Over 250 Restaurants included for your weight loss needs!
✓ Use this app also to know the food score/calories you will consume and what to order.
✓ This app shows you the healthy restaurant foods, plus it gives you the ability to search.
✓ Provides you with food score values(classic and new), calories, carbs, fat, protein of food items of most popular restaurants and fast food chains and growing!
✓ Screen is re-sizable. You can make it smaller or larger using the points of your fingertips.
✓ Check out the screen shots & see for yourself!
但是等等...你有你的手机与你的96%的时间(除了洗澡的......至少我希望:P),那么这意味着你有餐厅的食物分值一个庞大的数据库与你无论你走到哪里! !

Free Restaurant Weight Loss 更新内容

- Access ALL restaurants now! (If you don't mind a few ads!)
- No more 3 Restaurant limit!
- MASSIVE Update! Updated ALL Restaurants!
- Added New Restaurants!
- Now includes Smart, Plus, and Classic Food Score Values!

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