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Medicine Tracker

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Medicine Tracker Medicine Tracker Medicine Tracker Medicine Tracker

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If you are looking at this application for the first time I would recommend you look at the new app called Medicine Tracker 2. See the note below.

If you take a number of medicines it can be difficult to keep track of what you took and when. This application allows you to keep track of your medicine use.

You can view your entire history or look at the history by medicine or by medicine category (Pain Reliever, OTC, Prescription, etc).

If your doctor recommends you keep a diary of your medicine use, this is a very convenient way of doing so.

This is not (yet) a reminder application. Just a way to maintain history by someone who needed this himself.

If you have any problems or recommendations send email to the listed email address or go to my website and navigate to the 'Contact Us' page and send an email through the web interface. I am looking forward to finding ways to make this more useful to more people. All ideas are welcome.

Important Note:

I have to apologize but I have had a problem with submitting a new version of this application. Unfortunately, I can no longer update this app. I am providing a new application that will be supported into the future called Medicine Tracker 2. Unless you need the facilities of Medicine Tracker 2 (email, spreadsheet support, notes) I don't recommend switching over since the new app cannot access the records in this app. However, the new features may be useful and worth the hassle of moving over for some.

If you are a new user I would recommend using the new app (Medicine Tracker 2) as it will be supported into the future.

Again, I apologize for any inconvenience this causes anyone but it cannot be avoided.

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Added a shortcut on the main screen to add new medicines without having to navigate to the Manage Medicines screen.

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休闲益智 休闲
Android 1.6.0 以上
ElSoft Online

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