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Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls

Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls

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Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls

Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls 描述

Eon Phone Lite - Make free calls. And who doesn't love free?
Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls
***Please do not leave reviews claiming that Eon Phone Lite cost something. It is a free application. If you paid someone it meant that you clicked on an ad.***
Make free calls to anyone in the United States or Canada. Calls are 10 minutes long, but call as often as you want.
This is a trial so please contact us at support@eonphone.com if you find a bug.
Visit us at http://eonphone.com. Please contact us with questions before leaving a bad review.
Want to make free phone calls? Download Eon Phone Lite and start dialing. Eon Phone Lite provides unlimited free phone calls for your Android phone and allows you to make calls from your Android tablet. Eon Phone Lite is the best way to save money on your phone bill.
Call Your Contacts
Your friends do not have to download Eon Phone Lite in order to reach them. The application integrates with your Android contacts so that you can reach them from inside the application. Eon Phone Lite reaches any American or Canadian area code.
Call over Wi-Fi/3G/4G or your Cellular Network
Every call goes through on Eon Phone Lite. Use your cellular network when driving. Use 3G/4G on Android Tablets. And use Wi-Fi in places where cellular signals are week. Eon Phone Lite solves the problem of poor cell coverage indoors. You do not need to pay for cell service or a data network to use Eon Phone Lite. Clear calls can be made exclusively using Wi-Fi.
Thank you for trying Eon Phone Lite. If you need a full service soft (SIP) phone that can make and receive calls please look for other Eon Phone applications. Eon Phone allows you to receive calls and provides other professional features. Download Eon Phone to Hear the Difference.
Free Outbound Calling
Integrates with Android Contacts
Tri-level calling – Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and Cellular
Call Recording
Call Logs
Speaker Phone
Mute Calls
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此版本中的新功能:Fewer outages.
Better connectivity.

Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls 历史版本

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Eon Phone Lite - Free Calls 信息

Android 1.5 以上

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