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Yearbook 2011 Yearbook 2011 Yearbook 2011 Yearbook 2011

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The year's best thoroughbred racing including charts and video!
The year’s best racing - searchable by race names, horses, trainers, jockeys or by racetrack - available at your fingertips from Thoroughbred racing’s official source.
See free video replays along with result charts for the 2011 Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes, all of the Breeders’ Cup races and all North American Thoroughbred graded stakes races from Equibase Company - the official database for racing information and statistics.
Videos -
Video race replays of every graded stakes race throughout the year! See actual race footage from the starting gate to the wire on every graded stakes plus the major prep races that lead up to the Triple Crown and the Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships.
Video Race Replays provided by Post Time Technologies.
Results Charts -
Every race will include the official result chart from Equibase. Result charts offer a recap of the entire race, including complete order of finish, descriptive narrative for each horse, odds and payoff information plus a wealth of other result data for a comprehensive look at the race.
At-a-Glance Result Information -
See the first, second and third-place finishers for every race with payoff information, plus other payoffs for the race and a complete order of finish that includes the Jockey, Trainer and Owner for each finisher.
Search Capabilities -
Find your favorite graded races from the year by drilling down in any of the following ways:
* Race names
* Horses
* Jockeys
* Trainers
* Racetracks
Its easy - search capability within each category allows you to quickly find the race, horse, jockey, trainer or track you are looking for!

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此版本中的新功能:Added functionality to auto-detect your connection speed, resulting in a better experience when viewing video. Added notice of new 2012 app.

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