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Vault 3 Outliner (Free) Vault 3 Outliner (Free) Vault 3 Outliner (Free) Vault 3 Outliner (Free) Vault 3 Outliner (Free) Vault 3 Outliner (Free)

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Vault 3 Outliner stores your notes as a searchable outline. Vault 3 organizes your information into categories and sub-categories that you specify. Vault 3's outline is easily and rapidly searchable. Vault 3 uses strong encryption to ensure the privacy of your personal data. Vault 3 runs on Android phones and tablets.There are no limits to the size of Vault 3 documents or to the nesting depth of outline items. Vault 3 gives you convenient and secure access to all of your notes.
(Upgrade to Vault 3 Outliner (Paid) to get rid of the big "Upgrade Vault 3" button above the toolbar).
Vault 3 is:
• User-Friendly: Intuitive UIs make it easy to use Vault 3's features.
• Portable: Vault 3 runs on Android, 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems, 32 and 64-bit Linux GTK operating systems, and Mac OS X.
• Fast: Even on relatively low-performance hardware.
• Secure: Password protected documents are encrypted with AES using 128-bit keys.
• Standards-Compliant: Documents are stored in Unicode format.
• Open Sourced: Licensed under the GNU GPL.
The Vault 3 outliner organizes your notes, memos, and lists. Stay organized and productive with convenient, secure, searchable access to your personal information on your Android phones, tablets, and Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X computers!
Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux desktop versions of Vault 3 are also available. Vault 3 documents can be used by the Android and desktop versions of Vault 3. The desktop versions of Vault 3 include XML import and export features.
Cloud Sync:
Vault 3 files can be opened by the Dropbox Android app, as well file manager apps. When Vault 3 files are opened by the Dropbox app, they are synchronized with the cloud. Click File / Close when you are finished using a Vault 3 document on your Android device. When you click File / Close, any changes you have made will be uploaded to the cloud.
The Vault 3 Personal Information Manager is developed and maintained by Eric Bergman-Terrell.
www.EricBT.com/Vault3ForAndroid (Android version)
www.EricBT.com/Vault3 (Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X versions)
跳马3大纲店笔记作为一个可搜索的轮廓。跳马3整理您的信息进行分类和指定子类别。跳马3的外形很容易和快速地进行搜索。跳马3使用强大的加密,以确保您的个人数据的隐私。跳马3 Android手机和tablets.There运行是跳马3个文件的大小或轮廓​​项目嵌套深度没有限制。跳马3为您提供了所有的笔记方便,安全的访问。
•便携式:3库在Android上,32位和64位Windows操作系统,32位和64位Linux GTK操作系统和Mac OS X上运行
•开源:在GNU GPL许可。
该库3大纲组织您的笔记,备忘录,并列出。保持组织和生产提供方便,安全,可搜索访问您的个人信息,在您的Andr​​oid手机,平板电脑和Windows,Linux和Mac OS X计算机!
跳马3在Windows,Mac OSX和Linux桌面版本也可以。跳马3文档可以通过跳马3的Andr​​oid和桌面版本库3的桌面版本包括XML导入和导出功能可以使用。
该库3个人信息管理器是开发和埃里克·伯格曼 - 特雷尔保持。
www.EricBT.com/Vault3(在Windows,Linux和Mac OS X版本)

Vault 3 Outliner (Free) 更新内容

1) File list now includes wrench icon which can be used instead of long-clicking
2) Bug Fix: In previous versions, when search hits were edited, the display was not always properly updated.

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Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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