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AHS EMS Medical Protocols

AHS EMS Medical Protocols

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AHS EMS Medical Protocols AHS EMS Medical Protocols AHS EMS Medical Protocols AHS EMS Medical Protocols

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The Alberta Health Services Emergency Medical Services Medical Control Protocols for Android gives you immediate access to easy-to-use Alberta Health Services Protocols for the pre-hospital care practitioner.
This information, for Alberta's medical professionals, includes all adult and pediatric algorithms as well as reference material and pharmacology necessary for the pre-hospital care practitioner. It includes more than 100 protocols and 50 medications, including infusion charts, resource information, and provincial contacts.
The information contained in the AHS EMS Medical Control Protocols App is intended for the use by emergency medical practioners in the province of Alberta governed by Alberta Health Services.
The main features include:
(*) Quick navigation to critical information
(*) Search capability
(*) Portrait and landscape viewing
(*) No subscription required
(*) Easy to update to the most current version of the AHS EMS Medical Control Protocols
Disclaimer and Copyright:
The Alberta Health Services (AHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is committed to providing high quality and safe patient care. To this end, AHS EMS has developed this set of Medical Control Protocols (MCPs). The MCPs contain evidence-based and expert-informed care and treatment information that is specifically intended for the use of practitioners working for AHS EMS and contracted service providers in Alberta and the physicians who provide medical oversight for these practitioners. EMS reserves the right at its own discretion to make changes, including the correction of errors and complete revisions to the MCPs.
At the same time, the information is presented “as is” and its use by external organizations or individuals is solely at their own risk. AHS EMS, its employees and physicians accepts no responsibility for any modification or redistribution or use of the MCPs and is not liable for any actions taken by individuals based on the information provided, or for any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in these MCPs.
© 2011 Alberta Health Services. All rights reserved in relation to these MCPs. Without limiting the reservation of copyright, no person shall reproduce, store in a retrieval system or transmit in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) part or the whole of these MCPs without the prior written permission of Alberta Health Services.

AHS EMS Medical Protocols 更新内容

此版本中的新功能:-Added alphabetical listing denoted by letters
-Android interface back button performs same function as back button built into app.

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Android 1.5 以上

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