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eToro Trade Alerts eToro Trade Alerts eToro Trade Alerts eToro Trade Alerts eToro Trade Alerts eToro Trade Alerts

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REAL-TIME financial trends on the go.
Android’s best technical analysis application. Now with social features. See, Like and share your thoughts on FOREX signals.
Checkout what users are saying about TRADE ALERTS:
★★★★★ Giacomo on Monday, April 23
Oh oh oooh. Perfect! :-))
★★★★★ shaq on Tuesday, March 27, 2012
The best the best, after using this for first time, I won 78pips today, the best must apps for traders.
★★★★★ redowan on Monday, April 23
Love it Etoro rock!
eToro’s latest innovative free app - Android Mobile trade alerts, delivers the financial markets to your fingertips.
For the first time, and exclusively for eToro users, trade alerts based on technical analysis will be delivered to your mobile device in real time!
Start making smart trading decisions based on specific instrument insights, with the most comprehensive mobile app that allows you to trade anywhere any time.
Introducing social bar! We’ve bundled all the social features into an easy-to-use toolbar that allows you to make better trading decisions using the wisdom of the crowds.
This is just the beginning for eToro’s latest app, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more exciting features to come.
Features include:
★ 16 currency pairs
★ Major indices like Dow Jones, FTSE 100, NASDQ 100, DAX , S&P500, France40
★ Commodities
★ Free $10,000 DEMO account for mobile trading
★ Alerts inbox & archive
★ FOREX Signals
★ REAL-TIME push notifications & history
★ REAL-TIME charts
★ Traders insights
★ FULL control of sound & notification frequency
★ Secure checkout - safely and easily deposit starting from $50
★ See your signal performance in REAL-TIME
Whether you’re a trading professionals or someone interested in finance and world economy, the eToro Android Trade Alerts is perfect for you.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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