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Calls Recall | 电话录音下载

Calls Recall | 电话录音

Calls Recall | 电话录音

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Calls Recall | 电话录音 Calls Recall | 电话录音 Calls Recall | 电话录音 Calls Recall | 电话录音

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电话录音 电话录音 Recording quality depends completely on your phone and your line. Please don't give bad review because one recording is noisy or unclear. It is the same reason that sometimes you have to find a quiet place to talk. If you make or receive a call in a shopping mall, expect the background noise. Thank you. "Calls Recall" is a non-disruptive call recorder that records calls in the background without user attention. Minimalism is a goal. You can choose to record from line or MIC. When recording from line (set from Settings, default is MIC), you will get premium quality and it is immune to environment noises. But not all phones support this feature. If you phone does not support this feature you will fail to record your calls. App Behaviors: Whenever calls are made or received, the conversion is recorded automatically and stored in external storage. How many temporary recordings to keep is set by user in the setting screen. Old recordings are replaced by new ones. User can browse recordings and set recording as saved so it will not get replaced. User can play and delete recordings. The recordings are in 3gp format. This format is best for voice. If mp3 or aac is used, it would take much more space without perceived increase of quality. You can convert 3gp to other formats on your computer. If you use headphone and choose to record from MIC (uncheck record from line), you can barely record the voice from the other side. Don't run other recording app (even in the background) at the same time. They may conflict and crash.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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