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泛社交工具Everyme,让你只和认识的人分享你的生活。安装Everyme之后,它会将你的通讯录整合进来,也可以添加邮箱,或者打通Facebook、Twitter、LinkedIn等社交账号。 你所有的联系人都可以添加进“圈子”里,比如“家人”、“好友”、“同学”等。当你在Everyme上发布状态或图片时,可以选择不同的圈子进行发布,这样选的圈子里的人都能收到更新、邮件或短信息。 使用Everyme,你可以和你真正的“好友”进行社交互动。即使你的亲人只有一个电话号码,当你到达新城市时并通过Everyme发布一个“顺利到达xx”的状态后,他们就能收到这个状态的短信息。 Share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles. Everyme is a special place for you to be the real you. No one wants to share everything with everyone. With Everyme, you can share like you do in real life, in intimate Circles. A Circle is a private news feed between you and a group of people. It's private and secure, so you no longer need to worry about who sees what. And because a Circle is created from your address book, you don't need to convince everyone to sign up for yet another service in order to receive your stories, it just works. • Create a Circle for your family, your coworkers, your best friends, your high school buddies, your significant other, and more. • Circles are completely private, enjoy peace of mind! • If you don't want to create Circles, don't worry - Everyme creates Magic Circles for you. • Never stay out of touch - with Magic Stories, you're alerted when your friends get promoted at work, when it's their birthday, when they break up with their partner, and much more - you won't believe it until you try it. • Not everyone has to be on Everyme for it to be fun! Your friends with iPhones will love using the app, but anyone with a phone or email address will be able to reply to your stories via our beautiful emails and texts. • Change the cover photo in your Circle to match - a Family portrait for your Family Circle or a pic of you and your best friends for your Friends Circle.

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Android 2.2.x 以上



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