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EvoGuide Paris

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EvoGuide Paris EvoGuide Paris EvoGuide Paris

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A free and easy guide to enjoying the best of Paris

This essential guide to a visit to Paris brings you all the information you need in one tiny app, now with more pictures.

Need to get from the airport to the city? Want to know where to find free wifi? Want to know which hotel to stay in? Need to know the closest recommended hotel to you? The EvoGuide Paris app contains all this and more.

Some highlights of this powerful directory:

- Accommodation (which hotels can't be missed)
- Airport Information (a quick guide to navigating to, from and around Charles de Gaulle and Orly)
- Connectivity (free wifi and a guide to mobile phones in France)
- Culture (everything from media to sport, what to say and what not to say)
- Find near me
- Money (how much will it cost)
- Safety and Security (crime, embassies, medicine and other useful info)
- Transport and Travel (navigating the Metro, RER, Buses, Velib system and cars)

All with plenty of web links to help you find further information!

Perfect for the busy traveler, EvoGuide Paris is the fast, simple way to see the capital of France.

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David Batey

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