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SportPsych Performance Coach

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SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach SportPsych Performance Coach

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LEARN SPORTPSYCH SKILLS TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCEFor Self-Help and Self-ImprovementPlease email problems or suggestions. We are listening and want to provide a quality app.NEW FEATURE!***Statistical evaluation of your performance when you record ratings in new journal featureThis app is based on psychological research and is sponsored by a clinical sport psychologist. It teaches the sport psychology techniques to enhance athletic performance and achieve success.***Do you want to learn how to be "in the zone" during competition?***Do you want to improve your concentration and focus when performing?***Do you need to increase your motivation and belief in yourself?***Do you want to learn mental practice of your athletic skills to assist with muscle memory?***Does negative self-talk defeat you when competing?***Do you become overly tense when performing/competing?***Could you achieve more if you had better mental focus?If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, download this app to learn the mental skills to increase your motivation, focus, concentration, awareness and flow to improve your athletic performance.Complete Journal to Evaluate Your Performance***Correlational analysis***Evaluate performance satisfaction by intensity level***Evaluate performance satisfaction by focus level***Determine whether intensity level has positive or negative impact by comparing with focusWeblinks to audios at ExcelAtLife.com include:***Sport Motivation --focuses on challenging thoughts that interfere with achievement such as fear of failure or demand thinking***Intensity Training --teaches how to access the desired emotional state that is needed for best performance***Mindfulness --helps to improve awareness, connection, and flow by using sensory relaxation***Sport Imagery --teaches visualizing performing techniques to improve muscle memory and focus/concentrationArticles provided include:***What Is Sport Psychology?***Effects of Intensity on Performance***Excellence vs. Perfection***Motivation: Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic***Guide to Setting Achievable Goals***Developing Focus***Self-Efficacy: The Key to Success in SportsImprove sports performance:***Use methods to improve focus with your golf swing***Learn to get in the zone with martial arts/karate***Reduce slumps due to over-thinking in baseball or softball***Motivate yourself to improve effectiveness of your practice***Create mindfulness state for running trackBased on the principles of sport psychology and sponsored by a sport psychologist who is a black belt in Kenpo Karate:***Read "Performance Enhancement in the Martial Arts" at ExcelAtLife.com for a comprehensive review of sport psychology applied to karate and other martial arts.Sport psychology uses the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to teach the use of mental methods to improve your performance in any sport but can be especially useful with golf, martial arts, track. Most elite athletes use these mental skills whether they were formally taught or learned them through experience. However, amateur athletes can improve their performance by including these skills in their practice.For many athletes who are used to being physically focused, the mental skills can be a challenge. However, the time spent developing these skills and using them can be well worth the performance improvement of the physical skills.Often the only things that separate the good athletes from the elite athletes is the degree of motivation, the ability to focus and concentrate under all conditions, the ability to get "in the zone" when needed, and self-efficacy (the confidence in your ability).

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