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Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help

Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help

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Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help Worry Box---Anxiety Self-Help

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Use Worry Box diary, audios, articles to learn how to cope with worries LEARN TO CONTROL WORRY Self-help For Worry and Anxiety ***Does worry cause you to lose sleep?***Does worry cause you anxiety and tension?***Does worry give you headaches?***Do you avoid things due to fear of outcome?***Does your worry cause conflict with others? PUT YOUR WORRIES AWAY IN THE WORRY BOX! Use the worry cognitive diary to help you determine how to cope with the worry. If it's controllable, you can list the steps you can take to manage the worry. If it's not controllable, select from the list of coping statements to help you think about it differently. Password protect your worry box. LISTEN TO WORRY BOX AUDIO! Use the Worry Box audio to coach you through an exercise to learn how to manage worry. Determine whether your worry is important or unimportant and whether it is controllable or uncontrollable. Then use the worry box imagery and self-talk to learn how to put your worries away. READ ARTICLES! App includes articles and links to articles at ExcelAtLife.com to help you understand the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approach to manage worry. LISTEN TO RELAXATION AUDIOS! Use relaxation audios to improve your anxiety management skills. Learn to reduce stress and to relax your body using Qi Gong and additional relaxation audios that you can download at ExcelAtLife.com. Use these self-help methods to reduce worry and anxiety. Relaxation has also been shown to reduce depression due to the effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain involved with depression. Please email problems or suggestions. We are listening and want to provide a quality app.

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